Three Doors To Death – March 1995



Above cover is of a Bantam Reissue Edition paperback first released in March 1995 and is an 8th printing.

Copyright 1947, 1948, 1949, By Rex Stout


Man Alive
Omit Flowers
Door to Death

Rear Cover Intro:
Three Doors To Death

One by one they knock on the door of the incomparable Nero Wolfe, each with a case more perplexing than the one before. First comes the niece of a man who committed suicide by jumping naked into a geyser, only to return just in time to be murdered. Then it’s the strange case of the murder victim’s family covering up for the real killer, while a chef stews in jail. Finally a master horticulturist discovers the woman he wants to marry: dead and cooling in a hothouse. Three knocks on the door. Three cases of crime. Enter a world of mendacity, mixed motives, and a masterful detection on West Thirty-fifth Street, where murder is always at home.

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