Where There’s A Will – 1972

Where There's A Will - 1972 - front cover Where There's A Will - 1972 - back cover

An Avon Book
Copyright 1940 By Rex Stout
First Printing… October 1941

This cover is a Tenth Printing with no date listed. After a search turned up several of this printing with no known date of publication I decided to see if I could figure it out. So starting with the clues I have:

The cover price is $0.95 and other paperbacks of that price show publishing dates of 1972.
Other Rex Stout books that I have that were printed in 1973 were priced at $1.25.
An online search for this title shows that the 6th printing Avon paperback was in put out in 1968.

So from these and only these clues I have deducted that this book was printed in or around 1972. 😉


Where There’s A Will

Rear Cover Intro:

In one room of the old mansion a heavily-veiled woman screamed hysterically that she knew who had murdered her husband, Noel Hawthorne. At the same moment on a floor below, another woman, identically dressed and veiled, quietly discussed the will of her late husband — Noel Hawthorne — with his former mistress. Obviously, one of them was an impostor… The other would soon be a corpse.

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One thought on “Where There’s A Will – 1972

  1. Dave

    New cover scans and a bit of dialog on how I figured out the date of printing.


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