Books In Which Wolfe Leaves/Doesn’t Leave Brownstone

This great list is by our own Inspector Cramer AKA Dot Moran. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Dot can be reach via email at:

I have completed rereading and listing the times that NW leaves the
brownstone, and doesn’t. My lists cover 74 novels/short stories numbered as per Dan Augustine’s (thanks Dan) August 1998 revised chronology.

Here are the results:

Nero Wolfe leaves the brownstone: 35 times
Nero Wolfe does NOT leave the Brownstone: 39 times
For a total of 74 stories/books

Surprised?? I was.

Inspector Cramer
aka Dot Moran

Stories where Nero Wolfe leaves the brownstone

# (position of story in chronology) – Title (of story)

Reason for leaving and/or where he went

2 – League of Frightened Men

Kidnapped, sort of, by a certain taxi driver

4 – The Red Box

To investigate murder at Boyden McNair, Inc

5 – Too Many Cooks

To address chefs on American Cuisine in WV

6 – Some Buried Caesar

To attend show upstate to display orchids

8 – Where There’s a Will

To the Hawthorne residence on 67th St in a taxi

10 – Black Orchids

To view the much coveted black orchids

12 – Not Quite Dead Enough

To exercise with Fritz- and- 10th precinct to get AG

13 – Booby Trap

To meet with Col Ryder of MilitaryIntelligence

16 – The Silent Speaker

To Centre St police headquarters to report to Ash

23 – Door to Death

To hire Andy Krasicki to replace Theodore temp.

24 – The Second Confession

To the Sperling household upstate

25 – Cop Killer

To his barber shop, get a haircut, close the case

28 – In the Best Families

To GET Zeck

29 – Squirt & The Monkey

Well, technically, down the stoop to talk to Cramer

30 – Murder By The Book

To have dinner with Marko at Rusterman’s

32 – This Won’t Kill You

To a baseball game with Pierre Mondor & Archie

33 – Prisoner’s Base

Once again to the 10th precinct to get Archie

34 – Invitation to Murder

To the Lewent house 2 miles from the Brownstone

39 – The Black Mountain

To hunt down Marko’s murderer in Montenegro

40 – The Next Witness

To testify in court (he didn’t)

41 – Immune to Murder

To prepare & serve his famous brook trout dish

42 – Before Midnight

To LBA to search for cyanide with the ‘teers

44 – Too Many Detectives

To testify in Albany re wire-tapping

46 – The Christmas Party

To play Santa and spy on Archie

49 – 4th of July Picnic

To make a speech at picnic for URWA for Felix

53 – Poison a la Carte

Attended the “10 for Aristology” doomed dinner

54 – Method Three for Murder

Tough one:Technically, yes, to the threshold/stoop

58 – Plot it Yourself

To meet with the NAAD committee et al

59 – The Rodeo Murder

To dine on blue grouse at Lily’s apartment

63 – The Final Deduction

With AG to Doc Vollmer’s to stall being questioned

66 – The Mother Hunt

To escape Cramer before NW could name the killer

69 – The Doorbell Rang

To Hewitt on LI to ‘cook’ up a scheme

71 – The Father Hunt

Not business: to view & ‘talk’ orchids with Hewitt

72 – Death of a Dude

To Montana to help Archie solve a murder

74 – A Family Affair

From Rusterman’s to see Pierre Duco’s father

Stories where Nero Wolfe does NOT leave the brownstone

1 – Fer-de-Lance
3 – The Rubber Band
7 – Over My Dead Body
9 – Bitter End
11 – Cordially Invited to Meet Death
14 – Help Wanted, Male
15 – Instead of Evidence
17 – Before I Die
18 – Too Many Women
19 – Man Alive
20 – Bullet for One
21 – And Be a Villian
22 – Omit Flowers
26 – The Gun With Wings
27 – Disguise for Murder
31 – Home to Roost
35 – The Zero Clue
36 – The Golden Spiders
37 – When a Man Murders
38 – Die Like a Dog
43 – A Window for Death
45 – Might As Well Be Dead
47 – Easter Parade
48 – If Death Ever Slept
50 – Frame-up For Murder
51 – Murder is No Joke
52 – Champagne for One
55 – Eeny Meeny Murder Mo
56 – Assault on a Brownstone
57 – Counterfeit for Murder
60 – Death of a Demon
61 – Too Many Clients
62 – Kill Now — Pay Later
64 – Murder is Corny
65 – Gambit
67 – Blood Will Tell
68 – A Right to Die
70 – Death of a Doxy
73 – Please Pass the Guilt
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