Fer-De-Lance – March 1983

Fer-De-Lance - March 1983 - front cover
Fer-De-Lance - March 1983 - back cover

Not real crazy about this cover. The spikes or nails in the snakes mouth are a bit much…

Bantam Edition Printed March 1983

Cover Art by Bill Cadge.

Rear cover text:

The imperturbable genius of daring deduction is Nero Wolfe. With the help of his trusted assistant, Archie Goodwin, the orchid-growing gourmet must discover the truth behind a golfer’s violent demise. Why was the victim included in the ill-fated foursome? And what secrets are the remaining threesome trying to conceal? The case hooks and slices in every conceivable direction, and Wolfe must be careful to stay out of the traps. If he doesn’t the threesome may soon be a twosome … and murder will be par for the course.

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