The Red Box – March 1974

Note: The publishing information on this book shows it as a Sixth Printing – March 1974, but the other two copies I have both show publishing information of Sixth Printing – May 1972. The book number and price of the other 2 are T2708 and $0.75 – where this one is N3323 and $0.95. So is this a mid print change with 2 years between or is this actually a Seventh printing? Other differences are the white rectangle around the book number and price and a white band in the middle of the back highlighting the other books offered and the price. Any ideas?

The Red Box - A Nero Wolfe Mystery By Rex Stout -March 1974 - Front Cover

The Red Box - March 1974 - Front Cover

The Red Box - A Nero Wolfe Mystery By Rex Stout - March 1974 - Rear Cover

The Red Box - March 1974 - Rear Cover

A Pyramid Book
Copyright 1936, 1937, 1965, By Rex Stout
Sixth Printing…March 1974

The Red Box

Rear Cover Intro:


I’m the hard-hitting, good-looking sidekick of a beer-drinking, orchid-fancying giant genius of a detective named Nero Wolfe. Wolfe and I have worked on some pretty weird cases. This one I call —


A beautiful model who should have been watching her figure never dreamed that one little piece of candy could kill her. But it did. And her untimely death put Nero Wolfe in line for the supreme insult of his career — another murder, right in his own home. He had to solve the case to save his pride. But the only clue was an odd red box — and, oddly enough, that had disappeared!

Inside Cover Text:

Orchids are his pride and passion; detection is his forte. He rarely moves his enormous person from his luxurious brownstone. He’s Rex Stout’s peerless solver of crimes

Nero Wolfe

Ably abetted by his quick-thinking, rugged cosleuth, Archie Goodwin, the noble detector of murderous motives and games of foul play takes on the case of a high-fashion corpse to

Save his reputation


The Red Box

A mind-boggling gem of mystery and detection!

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