Black Orchids – January 1975 Seventh Printing

Black Orchids - January 1975 - front cover Black Orchids - January 1975 - rear cover

A Pyramid Book
Seventh Printing – January 1975

Rear Cover:

Archie Goodwinhas troubles too. Nero Wolfe , for instance. Like the day my horticulturist boss discovered there were only three black orchids in the world — and they belonged to someone else!Picture Nero Wolfe Maddened by lust — fatso would do anything to get those orchids. All yours truly had to do was sweep up the bodies.

Black Orchids

Nero Wolfe is determined to have his heart’s desire. To get it he conceals evidence … hides witnesses… leads police on a wild-goose chase … and locks himself in a lethal gas chamber with a killer’s hand on the valve!
The reader is also CORDIALLY INVITED TO MEET DEATH as Archie Goodwin trips over an alligator and lands in the middle of murder.


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