Death of a Dude – 1990

Just got these from Alex (who has the wonderful and informative site Avenarius’ Book of Quotations which has massive amounts of Rex Stout information) along with the following comment:

Although I’ve never been to the US, much less Montana, whenever someone says “Montana” I always think back to the cover picture for this Wolfe novel (sans bloody arm, of course).

Thanks Alex!

Death of a Dude - Front Cover - 1990 Death of a Dude - Rear Cover - 1990

Bantam paperback – 8th printing May 1990

Cover artwork – copyright 1989 – Rick Lovell.

Rear Cover:

The great detective travels to Montana, eats canned soup, makes his own bed and assists Archie on a very messy rifle-shot murder.

Step into the unassuming Thirty-fifth Street brownstone, and join the astounding exploits of Nero Wolfe. Marvel at his daily beer consumption, his unsurpassed appetite, the incredible expanse of his yellow silk pajamas. Bear witness to his unwavering, often infuriating addition to fine foods, good books, beautiful orchids, and custom-made chairs. Empathize with his confidential assistant, Archie Goodwin, archetypal private eye and man of action, whose primary function is prodding his immense employer into motion. See for yourself why, through a hundred million copies and seventy-two cases, the adventures of America’s largest private detective and his extended family continue to captivate and enthrall readers around the world.

Discover Nero Wolfe — the greatest detective of them all.

“Rex Stout is one of the half-dozen major figures in the development of the American detective novel.” — Ross Macdonald

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