Wolfe List Subscription Information

Below you will find the July 26, 2005 version of The Nero Wolfe Mailing List subscription information:

Please note – This site has no official standing with The Nero Wolfe Mailing List or any other group. Any information found here is provided by me for me to have a place to keep all my “stuff” so I can find it. 😉

Albert Freyer; Counselor at Law aka David (Dave) E. Patty

May Hawthorne reminded me, in the comments, that “Archie” AKA Terry Hagley, the founder of the Wolfe List, passed away in September of 2002 and that his email address and website address are inactive. I suspect that all of the email addresses other than the xxx.mirror.org addresses are likely to be incorrect. I am leaving the document as is and putting this warning here.

Welcome to WOLFEHOUNDS: The Nero Wolfe Mailing List! This is a
mailing list for the discussion of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mystery series and
related topics. This information is posted monthly, in response to requests
for the rules or guidelines for the list, and is also available at any time
be sending an “info” command to:


1. To post to the list, all you need to do is send your post to:


and it will automatically be distributed to the folks on the list.

If you have any administrative details that you need to have dealt
with (address changes, subscribes, unsubscribes), send one of the following
commands to the automated subscription processor at:


Subscribe yourself (or
if specified) to wolfe-list.
You will be sent a message with a password. You must send a
confirmation reply message to complete your subscription.


Unsubscribe yourself (or
if specified) from wolfe-list.

Find out who is on the wolfe-list.

Retrieve the general introductory information for wolfe-list.

Retrieve the introductory message sent to new subscribers.
Non-subscribers may not be able to retrieve this.

Retrieve help about these and other commands.

Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

Commands should be sent in the body of your e-mail message.
Multiple commands can be processed provided each occurs on a separate line.
Commands in the “Subject:” line of your message will NOT be processed.

If you have any questions or problems using the list which need personal
assistance, please contact wolfe-list-admin@mirror.org

2. This List was founded in January 1996 by Terry Hagley
(hagley@eurekanet.com), by posting an announcement on a Sherlock Holmes
mailing list and rec.arts.mystery, which resulted in about a dozen
subscribers. The List was run off Terry’s home PC, until the growth of
subscribers neccessitated bringing automation to the List. The list went to
an automated bounce system in April 1996, thanks to John Santore
(jsbh+@andrew.cmu.edu), and had grown by February 1997 to 146 subscribers.
The List is now operated off mirror.org, courtesy of London Application
Solutions Inc and Ken Roberts (ken@mirror.org).

3. The subscribers to WOLFEHOUNDS are a chatty group, so expect at least
ten email messages daily. If this volume is beyond what you desire, you may
not wish to subscribe. Discussions are fairly freewheeling, and are

4. Soon after subscribing to this list, you will receive a
registration form asking for your name, email address, and mailing address.
While it is not obligatory to provide this information, it will enable us to
get in touch with you if anything goes awry electronically at either end, and
we need to reestablish the list or your subscription to it. You are also
encouraged to select a nom de canon from the Nero Wolfe tales for your
use on the list, and the registration form will include those which have
already been chosen by others to help guide your selection. The list is
kept by Jon Lellenberg (jlellenb@capaccess.org), who around the end of
each month posts an updated list of names, locations (cities and states
only), and noms de canon. By agreement of the charter members of the List,
the nom Nero Wolfe is not available.

5. Generally, we discuss the books in order, devoting two weeks
to each novel, and one week to each novelette. However, as noted below,
all posts are welcome, even if not related to the book under discussion at
the time.

6. All comments, discussion, or banter relating to Nero Wolfe are
welcome. Flippant or trivial posts are as welcome as scholarly posts.

7. Want list, buy/sell lists, and the like that are related to
Wolfe/Stout material is permitted.

8. Special projects: Several members of the list are also
engaged in certain projects that may be of interest to other list members:

-Al Diamond’s (TKHH10A@prodigy.com) outstanding piece of Nerovian
scholarship, The Nero Wolfe Bibliography, is posted to all members of the
list around the 15th of each month. The most recent copy is always posted,
as Al continually updates this fine project.

-Archie aka Terry Hagley (hagley@eurekanet.com), is always
fooling around with designing mementos for List members. Suggestions for
future items are welcome.

-Inspector Cramer (Dorothy Moran, dotbooks@intnet.net) has
compiled a Nero Wolfe cookbook, completed in February 1998, of over 1000
pages. Send inquiries directly to Dorothy.

9. In addition, my web page also carries this Monthly Update and the
reading schedule for the next several months. You can find it at

Thanks for joining the list. Any suggestions for improvements in the
list should be directed to the address below, or to any of the addresses
listed for Jon, Al, and Ken.

Terry Hagley

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4 thoughts on “Wolfe List Subscription Information

  1. "May Hawthorne" (SGW in Denver)

    The Wolfe list was informed in 2002 that the list’s Archie Goodwin, Terry Hagley, passed away on September 23 [2002] after a brief illness.
    His website is inactive and I suppose that by this time his e-mail address is too.
    As far as I know the subscription information you have up is up-to-date. but alas the Terry Hagley information is not.

    –May Hawthorne
    aka SGW


  2. Dave

    Thanks for reminding me. When I posted this I meant to come right back and correct the emails and information but failed to do so and out of sight is out of mind these days.


  3. It also appears that not really *everyone* is welcome to subscribe. As May Hawthorne herself once said, “it seems to me that there may be one person whom the administrators do not permit to join the list.” If so, what are the rules? Are there any rules? Or are those who are unable to get a subscription to this list for years, expected to “die like a dog” isolated out there?

    There’s nothing more frustrating than a mailing list that has no clear rules for participation, membership, penalties for infraction of list rules, and so on. Also, the former homepage for this mailing list seems to have evaporated from cyberspace, it used to be here:


    but from now on it will be better just to link to this webpage at Dave Patty’s server. As to the other Nero Wolfe mailing list at Yahoo, the rules there are very clear because it is mostly managed by machines rather than humans (if anything, machines are incapable of bias):



  4. This seems to be the vanishing Beer’s most recent location for the official information about the Wolfe list:


    A mirror is here:


    A second mirror at nexus.hu is dysfunctional.


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