Death of a Dude – Chapter 10 – Lord Clivers

Haight is the first one on the scene, and he orders AG to wait in the front seat of the car (Peacock is dead in the back seat).

Archie refuses, saying he doesn’t want to contaminate a crime scene.

Haight pulls a gun and asks him again to get in the car.

Archie retorts, ‘Go climb a mountain, with all respect’.

The doctor shows up and decides Peacock is dead.

Enter One Lt. Ed Welsh, A blood brother to Lt. Noonan in ‘The Final Deduction’ and Barrow in SBC if there ever was one. Except the blood they both would like to see is Goodwin’s.

Haight asks him to get in the car and AG refuses.

Welsh swings and Archie ducks it.

But Haight sticks his pistol in his ribs as Welsh swings again.

This time Archie pretends to get hit hard enough to knock him out.

Archie plays possum for 42 minutes (probably the longest he’s ever gone without opening his wisecracking yap).

He decides to ‘come to’ finally because enough witnesses have arrived to preclude any more rough stuff.

Welsh cuffs him and Gil Haight arrives to cart him off to the jail as a material witness.

Archie pulls his usual smartass routine as he’s being led off to his cell.

1) If Wolfe and Archie had grabbed Peacock as soon as they saw him would he still be alive ? But no, Wolfe wanted it to be his show with no interference from the hated Haight.

Or would Haight have let Wolfe start questioning Peacock in the first place ?

How many other times has Archie been jailed (round up to the nearest 10).

And what is the similarity to the jail time in ‘Some Buried Caesar’.

Who else has Archie met in prison?

2) The Doc has a good title for a Wolfe – ‘Death is Always Final’

3) Why didn’t they go to Farnham’s on some pretense to question Peacock
after dinner ? Answer – Wolfe was in a digestive topor

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