Death of a Dude – Chapter 12 – Lord Clivers

Archie dreams of women’s knees.

A deputy appears and escorts him to Haight’s office where Dawson wants to make nice.

Archie is having none of it, and reminds him that he told him 10 days ago that Peacock might have some information.

Dawson pouts that Wolfe won’t talk to him.

Archie isn’t much interested and leaves.

Outside, Lily is waiting and informs him that the bail amount was 10 grand.

He mentions that the previous low and high bail amounts were 5 and 30 grand.

Anybody remember which cases these were ?

He learns that Wolfe and Jessup have sequestered Peggy Truet at Woody’s for the better part of a day, and presumably have some new leads.

At Woody’s Wolfe suggests that Archie wash up and go to bed, as he is waiting for some phone calls.

Archie is mad enough to kick a dog, and as there isn’t one available, Lily offers to go borrow Farnham’s.

Archie knows that Wolfe thinks he has the case wrapped up.

Archie half hopes that the whole thing will explode in Wolfe’s face for once.

He goes back to the ranch and is playing cards when Wolfe returns.

On the way to bed he knocks on Wolfe’s door and enters.

Wolfe admits that the whole thing is sewn up, and that Peggy Truett is in protective custody.

He asks Archie to take the key to Lily’s car with him in the morning.

Archie goes to sleep having decided who probably did it.

1) Just read what he had for dinner – it puts even the Fat Man to shame.

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