Death of a Dude – Chapter 13 – Lord Clivers

Archie decides at breakfast that the murderer isn’t Wade or Diana, because there Wolfe is eating breakfast with them both. Wolfe drops the bombshell…

He telly Lily that they are leavin the next morning because witnesses in St. Louis have identified a picture of man wanted for for strangling a woman in Missouri. He is also the man who shot Brodell and beaned Peacock.

He tells the group that a Missouri cop is on his way and will be there the next morning.

The light goes on over Archie’s head. So it IS Wade Worthy.

He asks Lily to take Diana and Mimi to the creek to catch some trout for dinner.

Archie corners Wolfe and wants to know why they don’t take him right then and there.

Of course the answer is that Wolfe’s bloated ego won’t allow him to turn Worthy over to Haight.

Wolfe has arranged that no cars will be unwatched locally for Worthy to steal.

I think this is one of the stupidest stunts Wolfe has ever pulled.

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