Death of a Dude – Chapter 14 – Lord Clivers

Haight and Welsh and the cop from Missouri come to the Bar JR at 1:10 the next afternoon.

Wolfe and Archie have have locked the cabin and are sitting on the front porch.

Wolfe calls Haight a fool, but knowing Wolfe, it takes him a couple pages to do it.

He finally tells them that Worhty is long gone, but that Jessup has alerted the state police and stationed officers to insure that Worthy wouldn’t get far.

My problem with this is that Wolfe as much as told Worthy at breakfast that he was the murderer.

If Worthy had had a handgun in his room he could killed the lot of them.
Or put a knife to Lily’s throat at breakfast and taken her as a hostage.
Or set fire to the ranch.
Or poisoned the food for kicks.

Some killers would rather revenge themselves on Wolfe than get away. As the Balkan princess in ‘Over My Dead Body’ did.

And even if Worthy did just run, as in the story, if he had had a gun he could have taken a trooper or two down with him.

Or snuck up on Lily and the girls. (Wolfe was kind enough to tell him where the girls would be) ETC.

Just so Wolfe could poke his finger in Haight’s eye.

Oh Well …

And it occurs to me that if Archie or the local cops had taken pictures of all 15 or so possible suspects and shown them around Brodell’s hometown, St. Louis, they could have solve the case without Wolfe. (Yes, I know someone else mentioned this, too, but I wrote my summaries a couple months ago, and only revisit them to proofread and add points to ponder…)

I have a theory about why Wolfe came riding to the rescue….

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