Death of a Dude – Chapter 2 – Lord Clivers

Archie arrives at Greve’s and talks to daughter Alma (as soon as he can get his mind off her legs).

She thinks that nothing needs be done as no jury will convict her father of the killing. (she thinks he did it)

Archie deduces that she is a little thick, and Carol, her mother, just entering the room, agrees with him.

Archie can’t describe Carol’s body for us due to the baggy work clothes whe is wearing.

He does say that her face is that of a girl in her twenties.

Carol says of Alma, ‘She ought to know her father, but maybe she doesn’t because he is her father’. (anybody want to chew on that one? It should be good for at least a week with another week or two of off-topic threads)

Carol suggests another suspect – a doctor & wife staying at Farnham’s dude ranch – maybe Brodell made a pass at the wife ?

Archie has already looked into that one – the doc can’t shoot worth a damn.

BTW, Brodell was a guest at Farnham’s for 6 weeks the previous year.

Archie explores the possiblity that Carol shot him, but she swears on her saddle that she didn’t, it being handier than a bible.

If her dad did do it it wasn’t exactly a crime of passion like you can still get away with in parts of Europe (as long as the husband is the ‘injured’ party).

But still, alot of juries in this country would let him walk or give him the minimum sentence, don’t you think ? We have two new suspects in my opinion.

P.S. When and where did Archie meet the bull in question?

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