Death of a Dude – Chapter 3 – Lord Clivers

MUST READ – There will be a pop quiz & homework

Archie spends the next three hours at Farnham’s.

For the record, living there were Mr. Farnham (no Mrs. Farnham), a female cook, a female to do the chores (though the way it is written they may have been the same girl), and two wranglers (employees), Bert Magee and Sam Peacock. (Archie must have been feeling poorly – he forgets to describe either of the one/two girls)

The 4 guests (dudes) are Dr. & Mrs. Amory, and a couple from Denver.

Another guest went home with a broken arm several days before the murder, and the final guest was Brodell.

When he enters the main cabin only Mrs. Amory is present.

She and Archie flirt about pulling down her skirt, and Archie walks off a mile to cool down and check the scene of the crime, Blue Grouse Ridge.

Archie knows the crime scene because he, Diana and Wade had been there picking huckleberries several days before the murder. (Its about a three mile walk from the Bar JR)

Archie notes that no bullets were found there, but that the weapon must have been a rifle.

He admits to us, ‘This wasn’t my world’.

He goes back to supper.

Later, it being Saturday night, he goes into Lame Horse to snoop around.

Lily, Wade and Diana decide to stay home.

He goes to ‘Woodrow Stepanian Hall of Culture’ (Woody’s).

It is the main entertainment for those who don’t want to go 20 miles to Timberberg, the county seat.

He doesn’t want to see the 8:00 movie at Woody’s, so he goes next door to the general store.

He sees a Hattie Annis like character named Henrietta the halfbreed bootlegger (anybody need a nom?).

He can’t shake loose any new info, though he’s sure she has some.

Several days later as he and Lily sit on the front porch a car pulls up with Dawson, Harvey’s laywer, and Jessup, the county prosecutor.

They hem and haw around, but finally get to the point.

It seems that Somebody at the state Capitol Helena is beginning to show an offical interest in their local murder, and Jessup would love to know if Archie and Lily are pulling any strings (remember, Lily is a millionaire).

Archie & Lily tell them to go climb a tree, and shoo them off.

Archie then hazards a guess who got the pot boiling in Helena.

Guess who he nominates ??? Ok, times up.

Chapter 3 ends with a taxi from Timberburg pulling up to the ranch.

Guess who’s big broad behind (Archie’s words, not mine – I would have said butt) is seen exiting ???

Next to the glove scene in Xmas Party this is about my favorite.

1) Wasn’t there a Doctor Amory in another tale ?

2) No Kidding, you have to read this chapter yourself, especially about Woody. (Another suspect, they wonder???)

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