Death of a Dude – Chapter 6 – Lord Clivers

(written off the top of my head – battled tornadoes and concert traffic to get home at 9:30 – no time for many points to ponder)

The newspaper the next day has a headline – AG & NW are investigating the Brodell murder.

Jessup shows how he got and holds his job when he explains why he took this step.

Sheriff Morely Haight (Boo !!! Hiss!!!) says ‘No Comment’.

Wolfe takes umbrage to being called a ‘sleuth’.

He also notes that if an elected offical means everything he says than he’s a damn fool.

Archie wants to bug Gil Haight some more, but Wolfe says ‘no’.

They stare each other down, and Wolfe breaks the impass by putting Archie back on salary.

Archie retaliates by raising a single brow, which is mentioned other times in the corpus as something AG does to yank NW’s chain, since he can’t do it.

Archie finally agrees, and draws a check for a week and a half’s salary, $600 before deductions.

($20,800 a year? in 1968?) Archie nets something like $40 a day.

Archie then receives his instructions, ‘Go to bed’.

The next day Archie goes to town to get the credentials.

Later that day, and much to his astonishment, Wolfe wants to go to Farnham’s ranch in the pouring rain.

And go they do.

Upon arrival they meet Mr. Farnham, Dr. and Mrs. Amory (anybody remember where that name was used before yet?), Mr. Colihand and Mr. DuBois from Denver, and two ranch hands, Bert Magee and Sam Peacock.

Farnham and Mrs. Amory alibi each other, saying they were out horseback riding the afternoon in question.

(Mrs. Amory ‘…you know how a woman’s mind works’.

Wolfe ‘I do not. No one does’.) Under questioning, Farnham gets a wild hair and shows Wolfe the door.

Wolfe offers to continue the questioning at the sheriff’s office.

The questioning continues…

Magee, DuBois and Colihan alibi each other.

Wolfe spends a long time on Peacock since he is the one who found the body. (SUSPECT!!!!!!!!!!!)

Peacock says that he was doing chores around the ranch all afternoon of the day in question.

It turns out that Brodell was absent for a period of about two hours the morning he was killed, and no one known where he was.

Wolfe notes that no one has asked them where they all were during those two hours.

As Wolfe stands up to leave he states that at least one of them is probably lying (withholding evidence).

Way to go Nero.

Farnham finally gets his wish and escorts Nero and Archie to the door.

He walks out with them and admits that Brodell’s father has a substantial mortgage on his ranch.

Wolfe and Archie slosh on home.

1) Wolfe trys an old trick of his. He gets (or tries to) get a group into a mutual suspicion thing) Where else did he do this? – 40 points

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