Death of a Dude – Chapter 7 – Lord Clivers

Archie goes to grill young Haight, only to be told by him that the interview will have to take place in the sheriff’s (his daddy’s) office.

Archie says ‘You haven’t met Sheriff Morley Haight (BOO! HISS!), which is fair enough because he hadn’t met himself’.

Pop and son have a signed statement ready to cover junior’s actions the time of the murder.

It seems he visited an old teacher, a roofing company and a chicken farm.

Pop expects Archie to grill Junior, but instead AG turns to him and deadpans, ‘That seems to account for him, subject to a check, but where were you from two p.m. to six p.m. on Thursday, July twenty-fifth?’. (Who remembers the other time AG pulled something like this? – 75 points – hint – drink milk – answer tomorrow)

Goodwin beats a very hasty exit, and goes to interview the teacher.

It seems that Gil had planned for Brodell what happened or nearly happened to the King and the Duke in Huck Finn. (40 points)

AG returns to the Bar JR and hunts for Wolfe, finally finding him playing in the creek.

He reports, and gets Wolfe’s glands going by describing what will be for dinner at the Greve’s, a ‘real Montana trout deal’.

Wolfe wants to see Sam Peacock again, so informs Archie that after dinner they will be going to the Saturday night hoedown at Woody’s.

Next – And you thought Wolfe couldn’t squaredance !!!!


1) Goodwin sure seems to paint alot of country law enforcement as bumpkins

2) I up to this point had been picturing Haight Sr. as Rod Steiger or Jackie Gleason. Now we find out he is a stringbean.

3) Now we know why Archie always backs the car in, consdering his hasty exit from the office.

4) Archie must have it in for teachers – READ the whole exchange with Miss Boughton (OPEN NOM ALERT)

5) Is Archie a coffee drinker?

6) Wolfe saying, ‘It could be edible’. If the dinner were tomorrow he wouldn’t sleep.

7) Next – ‘Tragedy at Farnham’s’, or ‘Peacock gets in the way while Wolfe was reaching for Seconds’.

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