Death of a Dude – Chapter 8 – Lord Clivers

What I called ‘chapter 8’ yesterday was actualy chapter 7 and _nobody_noticed (not even me)
Answer from yesterday – Archie pulled this same stunt on Inspector Cramer in ‘The Final Deduction’ when he intimated that Cramer was on Zeck’s payroll.

The BAR JR ranch hands are Harvey (the foreman, now in jail), Pete Ingalls, Mel Fox, and Emmett Lake.

Carol Greve and Flora Eaton are fixing dinner (trout baked in foil with ham, brown sugar, onions and Worcestershire sauce). (I’ll expect a report tomorrow, Noah)

Wolfe grills the three hands (none of them exactly mourned Brodell’s passing) but gets no new leads.

The hands speculate on what Brodell had going for him enabling him to seduce Alma, but come to no conclusion.

Then dinner is served, and Wolfe hasn’t been so happy since Ms. Timms showed him how to make corned beef hash.

Coming tomorrow – Chapter Nine – one of my favorites. A Prime suspect is eliminated.


1) I have to go outside an thin/transpant some strawberries. Anybody else want to come up with a few sage observations???

2) Chapter 9 is the best one on the story. That is your homework for today.

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