Death of a Dude – Chapter 9 – Lord Clivers

Wolfe and the Archie are in Lame Horse at Woody’s for the romp.

Archie mentions that Saul has found no time when Brodell was in New York when he might have met Diana or Wade.

Wolfe and Woody discuss Mark Twain, The Declaration of Independance and old Armenian sayings.

Well, since you have all read the chapter, what do you think of the Huck quote? (notice that I have already mentioned the Huckster before)

And I gave one individual an assignment to come up with all the possible meanings of ‘I love my country because it is mine’.

Well????? The atmosphere gets a little thick for Archie, so he drives back to the ranch to pick up Lily, Diana and Wade.

The parking lot is full at Woody’s on their return, so they park in back.

Wolfe has high-hatted the hoedown, and is instead in Woody’s private quarters waiting for Archie to snare Sam Peacock for some more questioning.

Enter Sheriff Haight (Boo !! Hiss !!) and Deputy Ed Welch (Boo !!! Hiss !!!).

It seems that Lt. Noonan (another TFD reference) has a blood brother out west.

Archie asks Peggy Truett to dance. She is Peacock’s girl.

She tells him no, and berates him and Wolfe for grilling poor Sam the before.

Archie and Lily wait and dance, dance and wait, and finally Peacock shows up at 10:51.

Archie goes to inform Wolfe, and they decide that they won’t tackle Peacock that night, as they don’t want the Sheriff knowing about their interest in him.

So they go to the car, and sure enough Sam Peacock is waiting for them in the back seat.


With his skull bashed in.

Wolfe wants to skedaddle (like in what other story(ies), class? – I can think of two or four at least), but Archie sends him for the sheriff while he guards the car.

Extra credit – how many other examples are there in the corpus of someone who knew who killed the first victim becoming the second victim? or the third? Naomi Karn in ‘The Silent Speaker’ comes to mind.

And how about Louis Roney in ‘The Final Deduction’? Or Vaugn the car dealer’s son.

Or Scovil in TRB (sort of).

I’m sure there are at least 10 others

(100 points or ten points apiece)


1) If you read nothing else read chapters 9&10.

2) I told you some one would be eliminated as a suspect

3) Was Old Clivers really honked off about the homework or was it just a
clever ploy to stall for time because he hadn’t finished writing the
summary? (35 points)

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