Death of a Dude – Chapter One – Lord Clivers

The following several posts are from the DOAD discussion in 2000 lead by our own Lord Clivers!

Date: July 9, 2000 10:26:01 PM CDT
Subject: Death of a Dude – Chapter One

The story opens to Archie writing to Nero from Lily Rowan’s Bar JR ranchin Lame Horse, Montana.

He explains why he didn’t show up for work twodays previously as scheduled (he did call but didn’t want to go intogreater detail for fear the lines were tapped).

It seems that one HarveyGreve, Lily’s foreman is in jail for a murder he did not commit inArchie and Lily’s (and probably Harvey’s) opinion.

Problem is,everybody else in town, including the police and Harvey’s own lawyerthink he did.

Archie closes by saying that he will be home soon, probably in two months or so or whenever the World Series starts.

The murdered man, one Phillip Brodell, was staying at Farnham’s, a nearby dude ranch.

He was out picking huckleberies when shot by a high-powered rifle, first in the back, which spun him around, and then in the throat, which broke his neck.

Archie goes into Timberberg to post the letter, meets Lily for lunch, and on the drive home checks out the first suspect.

Heis Gil Haight, son of the local sheriff, Morely Haight (Boo Hiss).

Herethe plot thickens.

It seems that Harvey’s daughter, Alma, had been seduced by the dead man (the previous year, while he was alive), and was living with the folks with her new daughter.

MOTIVE NUMBER ONE for Harvey to shoot him, some said.

However, Gil Haight had been sweet on Alma for some years, and still intended to marry her.

MOTIVENUMBER ONE for Gil to shoot him, some said. (But they didn’t say it very loud, as his dad was the sheriff).

Gil denies being the killer,naturally.

Gotta describe the cabin at the Bar JR.

Logcabin with the main room 32×54 feet.

10 foot fireplace in the back, with the door to Lily’s room and a guest bedroom (Archie’s) on theright.

Archie says these rooms are for ‘privacy or sleeping’.Hmmmmmmmm…

On the left of the big room a hallway leads to the maid’s room, the kitchen, a storeroom and three guest bedrooms.

(If anyone wants to puzzle out a diagram feel free) Now for a cast of characters (at least atthe Bar JR).

Archie and Lily, of course.

Mimi, Lily’s personal maid.(Archie thinks she’s a dish).

The two other guests… (Lily usually invites interesting people from New York for the summer)

1) Diana Kaidy, an off Broadway actress and a flirt.

2) Wade Worthy, a writer who Lily has hired to do a biography of her late father, J.R. Rowan, sewer builder and millionaire.

The ranch hands are Harvey, the ramrod (foreman), his wife Carol (who we met in TRM), Pete Ingalls and Mel Fox.

As the first chapter closes Archie decides to drive over to the ranch before dinner to talk to Harvey’s daughter and wife.

1) THF had just ended. Why didn’t Lily invite Amy along ? Especially because she could have helped Wade with the book ??? My guess is because Lily thought Amy was just a little too fond of Archie. (MEOW)

2) Why does Archie call it ‘Harvey Greve’s house’ when it is on Bar JR property? Why not just ‘the ranchhouse’?

3) How did Walt know I was going to do my own takeoff on OTBJ ???

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