Death of a Dude – Chapter 5 – Lord Clivers

Archie & Nero spend some time at the office. But this ‘office’ has rocks for chairs, and a creek for both chilling the beer and dangling one’s feet in.

AG suggested that they ride there, but Babe the Blue Ox wasn’t available.

AG gives a full report, including ‘a thousand details’ that don’t get mentioned in the book. (No Wonder we never solve most of the cases!)

NW wants to find a secure place to call Mr. Veale, the attorey general in Helena.

A Mr. McFarland was the one who owed Wolfe the favor and introduced him to the Veale. (Anybody remember what case?)

They return to the ranch, then drive into Lame Horse to use Woody’s telephone.

Wolfe calls Veale to firm up his plans for leaning on Jessup, the county attorney form chapter three.

That being done, Wolfe calls Jessup to arrange a meeting at a desolate spot called Wheldon’s graveyard.

They meet and Jessup starts things off on the wrong foot by calling Archie liar for saying he didn’t know (in chapter three) who was pulling the strings from out of state.

Archie replies that he didn’t know until Wolfe got out of the taxi (Yeah, right).

Jessup continues his sweet-talking ways by saying he checked up on Wolfe, and that sources in New York told him that ‘Your (Wolfe’s) word is good, but that anyone dealing with you should be sure he knows what your word is’.

Wolfe smiles, then states what he wants, a letter from Jessup giving credentials for him and Goodwin to investigate the case, so that they ‘could insist on answers to questions’.

Jessup’s share price (on the NWE – Nero Wolfe Exchange) goes from blue chip to penny stock when he tells Wolfe that he’ll have to check with his wife first. (he’d almost have been better off saying his mother)

On the way home they stop at Woody’s again to call Saul to investigate whether either of Lily’s two other guests, Diana or Wade ever met Brodell in New York during the latter’s trips there.

Wolfe wants to be sure he isn’t dining with a murderer.

1) I think that they could insist on answers without the note from Jessup. Wolfe could threaten to sit on reluctant witnesses… Wonder why Stout didn’t use this in any other stories?

2) Which other story was MacFarland in ? 50 points

3) In which other story did someone tell Wolfe, ‘…but they better be sure what your word is’. 25 points

4) Wolfe meets Woody – round one !!!

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