DOAD – Chapter 15 & Epilogue – Lord Clivers

Wolfe lucked out and Wade Worthy aka Carl Yeager was captured by the state police without incident.

Wolfe cooked the trout for dinner (he cooked trout in ‘Immune to Murder’, hotdish in ‘The Black Mountain’, corned beef hash in ‘Black Orchids’, something in ‘The Father Hunt’ and probably all the meals the week that Fritz had the grippe – what other dinners does he cook in the corpus?)

Archie tells Lily that she’s just gonna have to get another writer for the biography of her father.

Harvey gets out of jail just in time to wave goodbye to Archie and Wolfe before they split.


As I said, this story is one of my favorites. I wondered whether having to delve into it in detail would lessen my appreciation for it. Well, no, it has not. But more than ever I realize the danger that Wolfe’s ego can be to innocent bystanders. He’s just gotta do it ‘his’ way.

I had forgotten that Wolfe and Archie weren’t completely on their own in this one. They did have Saul to check things in New York and St. Louis. And of course the mysterious Mr. MacFarland to call the state attorney general in Helena.

My theory is that Wolfe was scared that if Archie DID solve this one on his own he would be more likely to realize that he either didn’t need Wolfe after all, or at least would hit the Fat Man up for a big raise… Either that or he was tiring of Orrie pretending to be Archie back at the office…

I wonder if Archie went back to the Bar JR the next year. And if Haight arrested him for spitting on the sidewalk. Somehow I hope that Haight did’t get reelected. Does anyone think that Gil married Alma ?

I have thoroughly enjoyed leading this discussion. Other than the day after I volunteered (Oh my God, what have I done?).

And Clivers, having prudently bought up all the rotten eggs and tomatoes in town (being Nobody’s Fool) puts his hand to his ear to hear the sound of …..

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