Death of a Dude – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 starts with Archie wondering how Lily was going to get home while waiting after Wolfe left to tell the Sheriff to get one of the doctors to come.

He doesn’t have long to wait till Haight comes up and asks him a stupid question:

“Is this your car?”

Archie tells him the registration card is in the dash compartment and asks if a doctor is coming.

Haight proves he’s real sharp by telling Archie to get in the front seat which he refuses to do, being a bit more familiar with crime scenes than the sheriff seems to be.

Haight pulls his gun just as the doctor, Frank Milhaus, M.D., comes up.

The doctor takes a quick look and says he thinks he’s dead but waits till the deputy comes with his bag. He gets his stethoscope out, uses it and then pronounces him dead.

Then Dr. Milhaus makes a remark that seems to indicate that he and the sheriff don’t get along. When Haight tells him they’ll get him out so he can look the body over to ascertain the cause of death, the doctor replies:

“Not me. As you know, I’ve had a run-in that I don’t care to repeat.”

And leaves, as the sheriff makes a remark to his back that Archie doesn’t repeat for us.

At that, Archie is put under arrest. Welch throws the first blow and Archie ducks, but soon takes one and goes down and stays down for 42 minutes till there is a good crowd then gets up. Welch puts cuffs on him and takes him to the patrol car. On the way he sees Lily and the crew from the ranch and she tells him that Wolfe is at the cabin.

Welch gets him to the car, which is driven by Gil Haight and takes him to the police station where Archie explains at length and in depth what “stand mute” means. 😉

While waiting for the jailer to show up Archie wonders when he will get bailed out figuring that Monday would be the soonest but would probably be later.

Mort, the jailer comes in and Archie has to empty his pockets. Welch frisks him and then surprises him by giving his money back both paper money and coins. Mort then takes him to cell #5.

And so ends another chapter of our reading of Death of a Dude.

No new leads, Sam dead, and Archie in Jail. Not looking good for Wolfe’s team right now. Maybe things will look a little better in the next chapter.

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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