Death Of A Dude – Chapter 13

Archie starts this chapter off with time and day and a conclusion:

“At five minutes past nine Tuesday morning I concluded that it couldn’t be either Wade or Diana.”

He goes on to explain his reasoning in that Wolfe wouldn’t show up and eat breakfast with a known murder. Since he had entered the kitchen (with car key in pocket) and found Wolfe sitting across from Wade, drinking orange juice and “talking to man to man” he doesn’t figure Wade is the one.

Archie joins them at the table, glad to know he wouldn’t be eating with a murderer but still wondering why he had the key in his pocket.

Wolfe was expounding on a jail in Austria he had once escaped from and then turned to Lily and told her that they would be leaving the next morning and thanked her for her hospitality.

Lily gawks at him, and asks Archie if he is leaving too.

Wolfe interrupts and goes on to explain that the event might not meet his expectations but he suspects that the murderer will be apprehended soon. That he had talked to Saul in St. Louis several times the previous day and Saul had the photographs of all the people who were now in Montana and one of them had been identified as the murderer of a young woman in 1962 who was never apprehended.

He goes on to say that the murderers name was Carl Yaeger and that a St. Louis policeman was on the way to Montana to take him back.

He then asks Archie the time and when told that it was 9:37 states that the policeman arrived in Helena half an hour ago and is now en route to Timberburg.

He tells Lily that he can’t tell her what the mans name is due to his “semi-official” status with Mr. Jessup but that he can say that Yaeger is versatile in his methods:

He strangled a woman, shot a man, and crushed another man’s skull with a rock. Not many murderers have so patly fitted the crime to the occasion. So Mr. Greve will soon be released, probably in time for Mr. Goodwin and me to greet him before we leave.

Lily stutters. 🙂

Wolfe goes on to tell her that yes they brought it off and that he wants her, Miss Kandany and Mimi to get him some fish so he can prepare a real Nero Wolfe trout deal for them.

Lily looks a question at Archie. Read the book…

Archie has changed his mind again. Wade is it. Wolfe is sending the women folk out of harms way.

Archie watches Wade drink coffee and notes his hand is steady. Breakfast breaks up, with the women clearing things away and Wade going to his room. Archie and Wolfe head for the roadway and out of earshot.

Wolfe tells Archie that Haight and the St. Louis policeman will be there around noon. Archie stares at him and verifies that he is to NOT take Carl Yaeger alias Wade Worthy.

Wolfe explains that without access to Lily’s car he will most likely cross the creek and go to the ranch and try to get a car there but Mrs. Greve and Mr. Fox will take care of that end. The last I’ll let him tell in his own words:

“Therefore he will have to walk-or run- presumably to Lame Horse. Stop staring at me. If I don’t tell you the details of the arrangement you’ll probably go dashing off in pursuit, so I had better tell you.”
He told me.

That ends chapter 13. And from the sound of it is close to the end for Wade. Tomorrow we find out what crazy scheme Wolfe has cooked up this time.

Anyone want to do the math and figure out how far Timberburg is from Helena? If the policeman got to Helena at 9:30 and would get to Timberburg around noon. Depends on the roads and speed limits. but looks to me like it should be within 100 to 150 miles. ???

I’ve got to agree with Lord Clivers, that this is one of the stupidest stunts that Wolfe has pulled. Unless there is something more coming in the next chapter that I missed or that Archie didn’t report (or know?), he leaves the women folk unprotected with the killer on the lamb…

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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