Death Of A Dude – Chapter 14

Archie again starts off with the time:

They came at ten minutes past one.

Wolfe and he were seated “in the two best chairs on the terrace” and were gossiping (?) about Woody. The women were out fishing and Wade was gone.

Archie had been busy since breakfast. He put his jail clothing out to air, draped on bushes, as he wouldn’t have time to have them washed or cleaned.

He had also gotten everything out of Wades room that was connected to the book he now wasn’t going to write. He also took a look around to see if Wade had lifted anything but says it was just a professional gesture as he left on foot and in a hurry.

He called the airlines (Mid-Continent Airlines) in Helena and reserved 2 seats on the morning flight to Denver and a connecting flight to New York.

Wolfe had done 4 things:

Packed most of his belongings
inspected the storeroom (but not the freezer) for fixings for the Nero Wolfe trout deal
read a chapter in the book about indians
and made lunch – a casserole of eggs boulangere

Archie locked the cabin doors and windows and then joined him on the porch.

Haight, Welch and a six foot square jawed guy get out of Haight’s black Olds sedan. They ignore Wolfe and Archie as Haight and Welch go and getting no response from the door bell knock on the door. Haight tries the door and finding it locked has Welch try the other. They then head around the back side of the cabin by Lily’s room.

The stranger approaches them and introduces himself to them as Sergeant Schwartz of the St. Louis police.

The other two come back from the left having circled the house. Haight confronts Archie and demands to know where Lily is. Archie stands mute. 😉

Haight has words for him.

Wolfe states that he is articulate but wants them to sit.

Haight demands Worthy.

Wolfe tells him to sit or go, that Wade isn’t on the premises.

The Sergeant sits and asks politely where Carl Yaeger.

Wolfe explains that he doesn’t know where Yaeger is, that they were expecting him and that having spoken to Saul the evening before, knew he was coming.

Haight and Welch push chairs up and Haight starts demanding again. Wolfe tells him to shut up and Archie tells us:

You would have to hear that particular tone of Wolfe’s to appreciate it. I don’t know how he does it. It wasn’t anything like as loud as Haight’s bark, but it cut through and stopped him.

Wolfe tells him that he will hear as he chooses to tell it or not at all.

Wolfe recounts the tale with interruptions from Haight. When he gets to the part about the girl Haight goes off again demanding name and location. Wolfe refuses again and refers him to Jessup.

Wolfe continues. This is the wrap up. Read the book for the details. 😉

Schwartz is not happy that there have been two additional murders. Wolfe commiserates with:

“It isn’t likely that Montana will let Missouri have him.”

Schwartz wonders if Montana has him or will get him and wants to know the last time Wolfe saw him.

Wolfe gets to the point of this charade.

He had spent 6 days under the same roof with and sharing meals with Worthy and didn’t want him taken under Lily’s roof.

Haight demands to know where Worthy is yet again.

Wolf tells him he doesn’t know, that he and Archie came out and sat on the terrace and when they went back in he was gone.

Haight tells Wolfe that he and Archie are going in cuffs!

Wolfe tells Haight that he needs to go in and phone Mr. Jessup as there had been state police around the cabin that morning waiting for Yaeger and that he is probably in custody as they speak.

One more real short chapter and this book is done. There are some good scenes here that are well worth reading.

It looks to me that Wolfe wasn’t letting Archie in on most of the wrap-up as Archie is a touch impetuous at times and would have probably have done something that would have caused he and Wolfe to have to stay and testify at the trial(s). This way he was also able to tweak Haight’s nose in such a public way that Jessup gets the glory and Haight gets the mud.

Total supposition, but I suspect that he and Jessup also made sure the state police knew where the women were and were watching out for them.

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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