Please Pass The Guilt – Mystery Guild flyer

This scan (and several others) was provided by the Wolfe List’s own yclept scooter AKA Debby Montague.

Thanks Debby, I really love this kind of stuff!

This is the flyer that came with the Mystery Guild version of Please Pass The Guilt.

Please Pass The Guilt - Mystery Guild flyer

Please Pass The Guilt - Mystery Guild flyer

Front Text:

Mystery Guild Clues November 1973 A-149

Please Pass The Guilt

By Rex Stout

But to whom can the killer pass it?

Please Pass The Guilt - Mystery Guild flyer

Please Pass The Guilt - Mystery Guild flyer

Rear Text:

Please Pass The Guilt by Rex Stout

At 4 P.M. every day, Amory Browning, vice president in charge of programming at Continental Air Network(CAN), opened the bottom drawer of his desk for a bourbon bracer.

One particular afternoon, however, it was not Browning who opened the drawer, but another big gun at CAN-Peter J. Odell, vice president in charge of development. A bomb planted in the fatal drawer demolished not only the bourbon supply, but Peter J. Odell!

Odell’s bereaved widow, impatient with the slow pace of the official police investigation, retained Nero Wolfe to determine for whom-by whom-and why the bomb had been planted.

If Odell were the intended victim-which seemed unlikely since it was not his desk-who would profit most by his death? Amory Browning, obviously. The two men, bitter rivals, had been locked for months in a deadly struggle for control of CAN. In fact, a board of directors meeting to elect a new president had been scheduled for 5 o’clock on the very day the bomb exploded!

On the other hand, if Browning were the target, Wolfe’s roster of suspects was infinitely longer. For example:

Sylvia Venner, the volatile talk show hostess Browning had summarily fired-for an undisclosed reason;

Theodore Falk, member of CAN’s board of directors, who had been a rabid champion of Odell for the presidency;

Helen Lugos, Browning’s secretary and longtime bed-mate-frustrated too long, perhaps, in her desire for “respectability”;

Mrs. Amory Browning, the “wronged wife”;

Kenneth Meer, Browning’s chief assistant, whose own infatuation with Miss Lugos had been thwarted by his superior’s “priority”;

Dennis Copes, an up-and-coming young CAN executive, who might have planted the bomb to “get” Kenneth Meer, whose job he coveted;

And Madeline Odell herself, now the widow Odell, who had been expecting her husband to become CAN president ever since she married him twenty years agol (But wouldn’t she have made damned sure he wouldn’t go near Browning’s desk that day?)

Why did Odell open Browning’s drawer-and who knew he would do it? To answer these questions, Wolfe realized that he must first solve the most puzzling enigma of all: Was the motive for the murder sexualor for executive power?

The first new Nero Wolfe mystery in four years, Please Pass the Guilt provides a spectacular showcase for the deductive genius of the orchid loving gourmet of West 35th Street.

Publisher’s Edition $5.95


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