Please Pass The Guilt – Chapter 11

Archie is feeling the lack of even a hint at the beginning of this chapter.

The Saul, Fred, and Orrie contingent has nothing and comes up with nothing in the 2 hours they spend with Wolfe that Sunday morning.

Archie says that the only thing worth reporting that day was that he and Lily went to Shea Stadium and watched the Mets take the Cardinals, 7 to 3.

Monday morning, Wolfe cuts and Archie packs, a box of orchids for Miss Helen Lugos. When Archie gets through to her after 4 she thanks him. He tells her that they are a bribe to get her to go out with him to talk.

She isn’t interested in talking to the hired help but will talk to Wolfe and agrees to be there at 6 pm.

Archie goes to the kitchen for a glass of milk and to tell Fritz that he is washed up!

Fritz tells him that it is the woman that is washed up, not Archie and makes him feel better.

Archie goes to the roof to tell Wolfe that she will be there at 6. Though not amused Wolfe agrees that Archie didn’t break a rule.

Archie goes back to the kitchen to get a gin and tonic. On top of milk. Just not sure about the bitter of tonic water on milk.

Wolfe gets to the office on the dot of six, waits till she is seated in The Red Leather Chair and tells her that he has an errand in the kitchen and leaves her to be questioned by Archie.

Archie’s remarks get to her and she starts to get mad and then laughs: “with her mouth open and her head back, and I think I grinned with pleasure. I really did.”

That breaks the tension and he gets down to the questions.

She says no one but Browning checked his whiskey supply.

After the questions about her and Browning get intimate she tells him that Kenneth Meer has big ideas about his future and is counting on Amory Browning to help him along. Another question and she starts to get tense and asks for a drink after all.

After she drinks a couple of fingers of bourbon and a water chaser Archie starts again and wants to know where she was every minute of that day, Thursday, May 20.

He gets 4 pages in his notebook out of it.

He timed it perfectly as she got to the explosion at 7:30 just as Fritz came and closed the office door so the sound of voices would not disturb Wolfe as he ate.

Since dinner is ready and it’s duckling with mushrooms and wild rice and wine, he hastens her departure and digs in.

After coffee Wolfe asks “Well?”

To which Archie simply says “No.” and then reports verbatim.

The only thing that they got is that there was about 2 hours that she wasn’t there and that Archie doesn’t think that she planted the bomb. He thinks that she may have an idea of some kind but doesn’t have a clue what it is.

Wolfe is not amused. He goes to the shelves for a book…

The end of chapter 11 and still nothing. Not looking good for the home team!

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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