Closer and a question

Getting it somewhat closer to what it was. Still got a lot more to get to before it’s where I would like it to be.

Have added Feedburner RSS feeds for the posts and comments mainly so I can track what goes on a bit better. Not that there is much activity here lately.

But speaking/typing about activity, I have a pile of books to scan, and am planning to get started on it soon. Of course looking back over the years at the times I have said the same thing it don’t look good for actually getting it done. But I do need to get it started and finished.

Is anyone that visits this site interested in buying Wolfe and other mystery books? I’ve got several tons of mystery (and other) books that I need to pare down a bit, or a lot, if I am gonna be honest here, and if there is any interest I’ll see if I can figure out how to put buy now links or some such on the posts of the ones I am willing to sell. All transactions will be via PayPal and shipping will be USPS unless otherwise requested/paid for. So give me some feedback + or – so I can get a general idea if it will be worth my time to scan and code or not.

Thanks for reading,


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