Double for Death – A Tecumseh Fox Mystery – June 1964

Double for Death – A Tecumseh Fox Mystery

A PYRAMID BOOK – published by arrangement with the author

PRINTING HISTORY – Farrar & Rinehart edition published 1939
Pyramid edition published June 1964

Copyright, 1939 by Rex Stout

Rear Cover Text:


Fox could handle a murder case, all right – that was his job. But the Ridley Thorpe killing looked like too much of one private detective – there were two of everything:

TWO Ridley Thorpes – and one not even dead!
TWO beautiful suspects
TWO very good motives
TWO hot-headed suitors
TWO murder weapons
… and finally
TWO murders!

It’s double trouble for Tecumseh Fox – and double enjoyment for readers, in one of Rex Stout’s most ingenious and thrilling mysteries!

Cover: Paul Bacon Studio

Inside Cover Text:


That had killed Thorpe lay on the desk.
The D. A. and the state cop waited for Fox to speak.
It was going to be tough. Fox’s client was dead…

…killed by Fox’s own gun!

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