Bad For Business – Tecumseh Fox – June 1982

Bad For Business – Tecumseh Fox

A Bantam Book Printed June 1982 – 1st printing

Rear Cover:


Ann Duncan was a beautiful working girl who had a strong attachment to her job, an affection for her boss, and a frightening way of attracting trouble. Private investigator Tecumsch Fox met her when she literally walked into the bumper of his car. She promptly sped him off into the most puzzling case of Fox’s brilliant career. It all involved her family’s food enterprise called Tingley’s Tidbits. The firm was in an uproar because their appetizers were suddenly very unappetizing. This, of course, was bad for business. Profits dropped, but it was murder that kept them in the red.

Inside Cover:


The agony was so dull that it was not agony. For some moments Amy was still not in any real sense a live creature, but mearly an incoherent and distant buzz of nerve impulses. Then something happened; namely, her eyes opened; but she hadn’t quite reached the level of knowing it. Soon, though, she did; she groaned adn made a mighty effort to lift herself with her arm as a lever; but her hand slipped and she was flat again just as enough consciousness returned for her to know that what her hand had slipped in was a pool of blood, and the object there on the floor an arm’s length away was the face and throat of Uncle Arthur…

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