Bad For Business – A Tecumseh Fox Mystery – April 1968

Bad For Business – A Tecumseh Fox Mystery

A PYRAMID BOOK – published by arrangement with the author

PRINTING HISTORY – Farrar & Rinehart edition published 1940
Pyramid edition published September 1965

Copyright, 1940, 1968 by Rex Stout

Rear Cover Text:

Poison in the Pate

Someone was doctoring cans of Tingley’s Tidbits right in the factory. The doses weren’t lethal to the customers – but they would be to Tingley’s reputation if the sabotage didn’t stop. It looked like a case of cutthroat competition when private detective Tecumseh Fox took on the job –

– and then a throat was really cut!

With his own client the prime suspect, Fox hunts a killer through a maze of murder, scandal and blackmail.

“An exciting bout of deduction with one of Nero Wolfe’s closest rivals on the job. What more could you ask?” – Will Cuppy, The New York Herold Tribune

Cover Design: Lembit Rauk

Cover Illustration: Len Goldberg

Inside Cover Text:

The Defective Detective

– that’s what private investigator Amy Duncan felt like after she’d botched a romance… bungled her first important assignment… and been fired in disgrace.

Then Amy found a body – and also found herself neatly framed for murder. And the one man who could save her was the rival detective who’d helper land her in the mess…

… Tecumseh Fox.

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