Death of a Dude – July, 1973

While out looking for books today (April 10, 2008) the only Wolfe title that we came across just happened to be a copy of Death of a Dude, which happens to be the title that the Wolfe List is currently discussing (or not discussing as the case may be). So of course I got it, scanned it, and here it is, in all of it’s somewhat grayed out 1973 glory. 😉

Death of A Dude July 1973- Front Cover Death of a Dude July 1973 - Rear Cover

A Bantam Book
Copyright 1969 By Rex Stout
5th Printing…July 1973
Death of a Dude
Rear Cover Intro:
Would Nero Wolfe leave his brownstone in Manhattan and travel halfway across the country to a dude ranch in Montana? Never! Unless assistant Archie Goodwin were there trying to solve a messy rifle shot murder…



…and never the twain shall meet, or so orchid-growing, gourmet detective Nero Wolfe thought. That was, until he found himself on a dude ranch in Montana dealing with all sorts of un-Wolfean situations … like chairs too small for his bulk, belligerent sheriffs, uncooperative cowboys and unwed mothers.


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