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Long time no updates

Sorry for the long silence on here. Not that I have been that busy, just haven’t been doing any work on the site. No promises, as I seem to always be able to find excuses for not doing things I really should finish, but I’m going to at least update the version of WordPress that the site is running on. This could break things, and if you find broken links or whatever please let me know either via comments or you can email me at depatty at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading.

Dave AKA Albert Freyer

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Rescanning Covers Update

Just a quick post to let y’all know where I am on the scanning and updating.

I started with Fer de Lance and just got through with Too Many Women, so as of now there are 27 new scans up. I had thought I would be further along by now but Real Life keeps interfering. Another problem is that I am having to reformat the text in most of the existing posts as I go. I am also adding additional text from inside cover as my hands allow. So getting there, just a lot slower than I had wanted/hoped.

More as I can.

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Quick update on covers

Just finished updating the scans of all 5 of the Fer de Lance Covers listed on the site.

To view a larger version of any of the new cover uploads, click on the thumbnail in the post, this will take you to another page with a medium sized version of the scan. If you then click on the medium sized version it will take you to a full sized version of the picture. Some browsers (firefox and seamonkey that I know for sure) will not display the full sized version without another click on the picture as they come with ‘size picture to fit window’ turned on by default.

Use your back button to return to the original page.

Hope this muddies things up enough for the evening.

Questions, comments, etc, welcomed…


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Fighting with the scanner/computer

Been trying to get the scanner to scan clean cover art and getting herringbone and distortion everywhere. Had been scanning directly to .jpg. Tried it at 72, 150 and 300 dpi with the same results. 300 was better but still some distortion showing up. The scanner was making a bit of a squeak when the carriage was returning to home position so I took it apart and lubricated all the moving parts as well as the slides. It now makes less noise than it has since we bought it but still getting the distortion and herringbone patterns. So tried scanning the covers in using .png which works. But they also are huge files. Where the jpg files are between 100k and 200k in finished size the .png files are from 800k to 1.2meg for the same size output. At that point I tried using gimp to convert the .png to a .jpg and all is now well… It just takes me about 3 to 4 times as long to process a single cover.

Onward and upward as it were…


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New theme and now with pictures

After looking through the code in the templates, I figured out what I needed to get the thumbnails and scans to show up and moved just that part over to the new theme. Appears to be working so am gonna start with this and work on it from here.

Got the Linux machine going again to scan more covers and have started on that. Going to have to change some other things in the new version of WordPress to get the thumbnails the size I want them to be, so when I get that worked out will start uploading more scans.

Slowly, slowly, eats the elephant…

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Back on with old theme

Got the pictures of the covers back but had to go back to the older theme that was showing up as broken yesterday, but seems to be working today. Have no idea but will not look a gift quadrapod in the energy intake orifice. Now just got to put the feedburner tracking code in place and see if it still works.

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Pictures links broken

Yep, I just noticed that most of the pictures that I had in place on the site are gone. I had forgotten that I had used a different method of posting/linking to them that won’t work without a LOT of trouble with the new version of WordPress. Sooooo, I guess I will start with the rebuild sooner than I had planned.

More as I get the time/energy… 😦

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Closer and a question

Getting it somewhat closer to what it was. Still got a lot more to get to before it’s where I would like it to be.

Have added Feedburner RSS feeds for the posts and comments mainly so I can track what goes on a bit better. Not that there is much activity here lately.

But speaking/typing about activity, I have a pile of books to scan, and am planning to get started on it soon. Of course looking back over the years at the times I have said the same thing it don’t look good for actually getting it done. But I do need to get it started and finished.

Is anyone that visits this site interested in buying Wolfe and other mystery books? I’ve got several tons of mystery (and other) books that I need to pare down a bit, or a lot, if I am gonna be honest here, and if there is any interest I’ll see if I can figure out how to put buy now links or some such on the posts of the ones I am willing to sell. All transactions will be via PayPal and shipping will be USPS unless otherwise requested/paid for. So give me some feedback + or – so I can get a general idea if it will be worth my time to scan and code or not.

Thanks for reading,


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WordPress update successful

There are some problems with the old layout so will have to go with the default for now.

Am planning a few changes to the site. Sooner rather than later I hope.

Till then,

Albert Freyer AKA David Patty

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Site upgrade in progress – Things may break…

Title says about all there is to say. But I will go a bit further for those that are actually reading along.

Just noticed that the version of WordPress that I am running on needs BADLY to be upgraded. Problem is that I have modified this theme quite a bit and have a bunch of plugins that may break in the newest version. Soooooo, the whole thing may crumble. I suspect no matter what I do it will not come back looking/working the same.

With this upgrade I am going to try to incorporate a sales area for assorted books, both Stout and other mystery writers that I have extra copies of. Tis going to be interesting times for a bit whatever happens so please let me know if you find broken links, pages, or posts.

Email is depatty at gmail dot com.

Thanks for the visit,
Dave AKA Albert
blog: http://www.technoprimitive.org/wordpress/

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