Death Of A Dude

Ode to Ole Nero (to the tune of Ode to Billie Joe) by Lord Clivers

It was the second of August, another sleepy, dusty Montana day
He was writing Mr. Nero sayn’ he woun’t be comin’ home today
There was a bullet going ’round, Brodell caught it and he died last spring
And now Haight he doesn’t seem to wanna do much of anything
And Mr. Nero’s safe at home wih his nose stuck in the ‘fridge
Harvey didn’t do it but a man is dead on Blue Grouse Ridge.

Well Mr. Nero said to Fritz as he had a bite of fricasee
“Well, Archie never had a lick of sense, another Ho Ho, please”
“There’s five more orchids in the greenhouse I’ve got to spray”
And Fritz said it was shame about Mister Harv, anyway
And Mr. Nero’s still at home with his face stuck in the ‘fridge
Noone knows whodunnit but a man is dead on Blue Grouse Ridge.

And Archie said he recollected when he and Harv and Ole Nero
Got together to solve the murder at Miss Lily’s rodeo
And if Harvey hadn’t helped us we coulda ended up in jail
Fritz could have packed us dinner just in case we couldn’t make bail
But Mr. Nero’s still at home with his face stuck in the ‘fridge
Archie he can’t solve it but a man is dead on Blue Grouse Ridge.

And Fritz he said to Nero, ‘Sir, what’s happened to your appetite?”
“I’ve been bastin’ all morning and you haven’t touched a single bite”
“That old orchid grower, Brother Hewitt, dropped by today”
“Said he’d be pleased to have dinner on Sunday, oh, by the way”
“Sir, you know I don’t drive and there’s no beer left in the ‘fridge”
Well faster than an arrow Wolfe was on a plane to Blue Grouse Ridge.

Alotta beers have come ‘n’ gone since the case was solved by Ole Nero
Haight lost the next election now he’s pumpin’ gas when things get slow
And Mr. Woody married Alma and they had another kid last fall
Now Woody don’t have no time for scrabble, atall
And Mr Nero he spends a lotta time with his face stuck in the fridge
Chowing on the huckleberies shipped each week fom Blue Grouse Ridge.

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Death of a Dude – July, 1973

While out looking for books today (April 10, 2008) the only Wolfe title that we came across just happened to be a copy of Death of a Dude, which happens to be the title that the Wolfe List is currently discussing (or not discussing as the case may be). So of course I got it, scanned it, and here it is, in all of it’s somewhat grayed out 1973 glory. πŸ˜‰

Death of A Dude July 1973- Front Cover Death of a Dude July 1973 - Rear Cover

A Bantam Book
Copyright 1969 By Rex Stout
5th Printing…July 1973
Death of a Dude
Rear Cover Intro:
Would Nero Wolfe leave his brownstone in Manhattan and travel halfway across the country to a dude ranch in Montana? Never! Unless assistant Archie Goodwin were there trying to solve a messy rifle shot murder…



…and never the twain shall meet, or so orchid-growing, gourmet detective Nero Wolfe thought. That was, until he found himself on a dude ranch in Montana dealing with all sorts of un-Wolfean situations … like chairs too small for his bulk, belligerent sheriffs, uncooperative cowboys and unwed mothers.


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Death Of A Dude – 1997 Book Club

This cover is from Traffic Jam AKA Heidi Marsh.

Thanks Heidi!

Death of a Dude - 1994

Jacket Notes:

So you think you know Nero Wolfe, do you? So you’re reasonably sure that only the most dire emergency will induce Nero to leave his home on West Thirty-fifth Street, and that no case since his early days could make him budge from Manhattan Island or miss a meal cooked by his own precious Fritz?

Well, brace yourself! In this latest full-length Nero Wolfe adventure, Nero not only leaves house, cook, and orchid plants, but also flies nearly cross-continent to Montana to join Archie Goodwin on a lavish but very private dude ranch. Here he settles down to solve a murder by rifle shot, resigned to the necessity of performing such unWolfean activities as tramping through underbrush, wading in an icy trout stream, eating canned soup, and attending a rowdy Saturday night hoedown in a cattle town. He also has to deal with a young unmarried mother, some uncooperative cowhands, a highly belligerent sheriff, an off-Broadway actress, and any number of chairs which don’t begin to fit his bulk. Yet, throughout, he remains the same inimitable Nero Wolfe.

How does Rex Stout know enough about the Far West to write this novel? Every summer, for a large part of his life, he spent his time riding pack trains, fishing mile-high streams, and enjoying night after night around campfires, yarning with genuine cowpunchers. So there isn’t a misplaced piece of harness or an unauthentic Western Vista in this, one of the funniest, most engaging, and most out-of-doors of all Nero Wolfe adventures.

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New Parody – Ode to Ole Nero

Just added a new page at for Ode to Ole Nero (to the tune of Ode to Billie Joe) by Lord Clivers

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Death Of A Dude – Chapter 15

Archie starts this last chapter with:

A report should end with a flourish, but this one can’t.
The groan has nothing to do with murder or trout; the state cops delivered Yaeger-Worthy to Jessup’s office safe and sound, and the fisher women came back a little after three o’clock with five cutthroats, two browns, for Dolly Vardens, and seven rainbows. For five of us, even though one was Nero Wolfe, that was amble.

His gloom is because he had to tell Lily that her search for a biographer would have to start over. He starts telling us about it and then goes:

Nuts. Why should I annoy you with it? Let’s have a flourish. Harvey Greve was turned loose in time to come and see Wolfe and me off for Helena in the morning.

The End

So Wade gets what’s coming to him. Lily and Archie go their separate ways till she comes back to the city. Wolfe gets to go HOME to his chair, his food, and his orchids! Harvey gets out and I certainly hope payed Haight back some dark night. Though after Jessup gets through there may not be much left. πŸ˜‰

Even in a chapter that is about half a page long Stout still manages to convey so much information. The word-scapes he crafts in the Wolfe series are great!

Lawrence Block’s Matthew Scudder and Andrew Vachess’ Burke are both much darker and grittier charactors than Wolfe or Archie but the authors display a similar ability to turn a minimum of words into detailed mind pictures.

Charlotte MacLeod came close with all of her work but I particularly like her Peter Shandy and the Sarah Kelling mysteries. They are excellent but are in the whimsical, almost fantasy, vein.

Sue Graftin’s Kinsey Millhone books (A,B,C is for) hits sometimes and other times is a bit forced.

Martha Grimes in her Inspectory Jury books is good with word pictures but takes uses a lot more of them to get there than Stout did.

In Sci-Fi, I think that Roger Zelazany was exceptionally good at it.

What other authors, in your opinion, have this quality?

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

I’ve really enjoyed leading this discussion, though I’m afraid I did more reading and commenting on the book here and there, rather than actually leading a discussion on it. Hope ya’ll weren’t too bored. πŸ˜‰

Now that Death of a Dude is out of the way, who’s gonna lead Please Pass The Guilt?

I’ll tell you now, if you couldn’t tell already from the quality (or lack thereof) of these posts, you couldn’t be any more unprepared than I was. I’ve written these as I read the chapter each day just before proofreading (such as it was) and mailing them.

So someone step up to the plate and grab a book to lead!

As far as I know the schedule for the next 3 books is open (Ken or Beer or whoever, please correct me if I’m wrong here!) and is as follows:

1973 Please Pass the Guilt – Aug. 8, 2005

1975 A Family Affair – Aug. 29, 2005

1985 Death Times Three – Sept. 19, 2005
Bitter End – Sept. 19, 2005
Frame-Up For Murder – Sept. 26, 2005
Assault on a Brownstone – Oct. 3, 2005

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Death Of A Dude – Chapter 14

Archie again starts off with the time:

They came at ten minutes past one.

Wolfe and he were seated “in the two best chairs on the terrace” and were gossiping (?) about Woody. The women were out fishing and Wade was gone.

Archie had been busy since breakfast. He put his jail clothing out to air, draped on bushes, as he wouldn’t have time to have them washed or cleaned.

He had also gotten everything out of Wades room that was connected to the book he now wasn’t going to write. He also took a look around to see if Wade had lifted anything but says it was just a professional gesture as he left on foot and in a hurry.

He called the airlines (Mid-Continent Airlines) in Helena and reserved 2 seats on the morning flight to Denver and a connecting flight to New York.

Wolfe had done 4 things:

Packed most of his belongings
inspected the storeroom (but not the freezer) for fixings for the Nero Wolfe trout deal
read a chapter in the book about indians
and made lunch – a casserole of eggs boulangere

Archie locked the cabin doors and windows and then joined him on the porch.

Haight, Welch and a six foot square jawed guy get out of Haight’s black Olds sedan. They ignore Wolfe and Archie as Haight and Welch go and getting no response from the door bell knock on the door. Haight tries the door and finding it locked has Welch try the other. They then head around the back side of the cabin by Lily’s room.

The stranger approaches them and introduces himself to them as Sergeant Schwartz of the St. Louis police.

The other two come back from the left having circled the house. Haight confronts Archie and demands to know where Lily is. Archie stands mute. πŸ˜‰

Haight has words for him.

Wolfe states that he is articulate but wants them to sit.

Haight demands Worthy.

Wolfe tells him to sit or go, that Wade isn’t on the premises.

The Sergeant sits and asks politely where Carl Yaeger.

Wolfe explains that he doesn’t know where Yaeger is, that they were expecting him and that having spoken to Saul the evening before, knew he was coming.

Haight and Welch push chairs up and Haight starts demanding again. Wolfe tells him to shut up and Archie tells us:

You would have to hear that particular tone of Wolfe’s to appreciate it. I don’t know how he does it. It wasn’t anything like as loud as Haight’s bark, but it cut through and stopped him.

Wolfe tells him that he will hear as he chooses to tell it or not at all.

Wolfe recounts the tale with interruptions from Haight. When he gets to the part about the girl Haight goes off again demanding name and location. Wolfe refuses again and refers him to Jessup.

Wolfe continues. This is the wrap up. Read the book for the details. πŸ˜‰

Schwartz is not happy that there have been two additional murders. Wolfe commiserates with:

“It isn’t likely that Montana will let Missouri have him.”

Schwartz wonders if Montana has him or will get him and wants to know the last time Wolfe saw him.

Wolfe gets to the point of this charade.

He had spent 6 days under the same roof with and sharing meals with Worthy and didn’t want him taken under Lily’s roof.

Haight demands to know where Worthy is yet again.

Wolf tells him he doesn’t know, that he and Archie came out and sat on the terrace and when they went back in he was gone.

Haight tells Wolfe that he and Archie are going in cuffs!

Wolfe tells Haight that he needs to go in and phone Mr. Jessup as there had been state police around the cabin that morning waiting for Yaeger and that he is probably in custody as they speak.

One more real short chapter and this book is done. There are some good scenes here that are well worth reading.

It looks to me that Wolfe wasn’t letting Archie in on most of the wrap-up as Archie is a touch impetuous at times and would have probably have done something that would have caused he and Wolfe to have to stay and testify at the trial(s). This way he was also able to tweak Haight’s nose in such a public way that Jessup gets the glory and Haight gets the mud.

Total supposition, but I suspect that he and Jessup also made sure the state police knew where the women were and were watching out for them.

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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Death Of A Dude – Chapter 13

Archie starts this chapter off with time and day and a conclusion:

“At five minutes past nine Tuesday morning I concluded that it couldn’t be either Wade or Diana.”

He goes on to explain his reasoning in that Wolfe wouldn’t show up and eat breakfast with a known murder. Since he had entered the kitchen (with car key in pocket) and found Wolfe sitting across from Wade, drinking orange juice and “talking to man to man” he doesn’t figure Wade is the one.

Archie joins them at the table, glad to know he wouldn’t be eating with a murderer but still wondering why he had the key in his pocket.

Wolfe was expounding on a jail in Austria he had once escaped from and then turned to Lily and told her that they would be leaving the next morning and thanked her for her hospitality.

Lily gawks at him, and asks Archie if he is leaving too.

Wolfe interrupts and goes on to explain that the event might not meet his expectations but he suspects that the murderer will be apprehended soon. That he had talked to Saul in St. Louis several times the previous day and Saul had the photographs of all the people who were now in Montana and one of them had been identified as the murderer of a young woman in 1962 who was never apprehended.

He goes on to say that the murderers name was Carl Yaeger and that a St. Louis policeman was on the way to Montana to take him back.

He then asks Archie the time and when told that it was 9:37 states that the policeman arrived in Helena half an hour ago and is now en route to Timberburg.

He tells Lily that he can’t tell her what the mans name is due to his “semi-official” status with Mr. Jessup but that he can say that Yaeger is versatile in his methods:

He strangled a woman, shot a man, and crushed another man’s skull with a rock. Not many murderers have so patly fitted the crime to the occasion. So Mr. Greve will soon be released, probably in time for Mr. Goodwin and me to greet him before we leave.

Lily stutters. πŸ™‚

Wolfe goes on to tell her that yes they brought it off and that he wants her, Miss Kandany and Mimi to get him some fish so he can prepare a real Nero Wolfe trout deal for them.

Lily looks a question at Archie. Read the book…

Archie has changed his mind again. Wade is it. Wolfe is sending the women folk out of harms way.

Archie watches Wade drink coffee and notes his hand is steady. Breakfast breaks up, with the women clearing things away and Wade going to his room. Archie and Wolfe head for the roadway and out of earshot.

Wolfe tells Archie that Haight and the St. Louis policeman will be there around noon. Archie stares at him and verifies that he is to NOT take Carl Yaeger alias Wade Worthy.

Wolfe explains that without access to Lily’s car he will most likely cross the creek and go to the ranch and try to get a car there but Mrs. Greve and Mr. Fox will take care of that end. The last I’ll let him tell in his own words:

“Therefore he will have to walk-or run- presumably to Lame Horse. Stop staring at me. If I don’t tell you the details of the arrangement you’ll probably go dashing off in pursuit, so I had better tell you.”
He told me.

That ends chapter 13. And from the sound of it is close to the end for Wade. Tomorrow we find out what crazy scheme Wolfe has cooked up this time.

Anyone want to do the math and figure out how far Timberburg is from Helena? If the policeman got to Helena at 9:30 and would get to Timberburg around noon. Depends on the roads and speed limits. but looks to me like it should be within 100 to 150 miles. ???

I’ve got to agree with Lord Clivers, that this is one of the stupidest stunts that Wolfe has pulled. Unless there is something more coming in the next chapter that I missed or that Archie didn’t report (or know?), he leaves the women folk unprotected with the killer on the lamb…

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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Death Of A Dude – Chapter 12

Archie, with his food fixation, starts the chapter off, by telling us he doesn’t know what happened to the rest of the snack.

He then goes on to suggest a way of keeping occupied next time you (the reader) are in jail. He has a bit of a fixation on female knees that he talks about here too.

It’s worth the read and that’s the only way you’ll get it. πŸ˜‰

Of course that got him to thinking about Peggy Truett’s knees and all the other people like Wolfe and Haight that might be looking at her knees and then he kicks a stool across the room…

His description of the food is wonderful:

I am not going to report on the food because you would think I’m prejudiced. I honestly believe they put disinfectant in the oatmeal and the stew.

Can’t you almost taste it right now? πŸ˜‰

Evers, the other full time deputy, comes to get him at 5:40pm Sunday afternoon and tells him to get his shoes on and bring his coat. He’s going home!

There is some more fantastic word craft in this section and if I start with any of it I’d have to put in too much, so…

The lawyer, Luther Dawson, is there to spring him and greets him with:

“I come to deliver you from bondage. All signed and sealed.”

Archie refuses to sign anything, gets his things back and heads out. Dawson tries to talk to Archie and gets a good talking down to and chewing out!

He gets out to the street and Lily is in a dark blue Dodge Coronet sedan. Archie gets in behind the wheel and heads toward the cabin.

He asks her how much bail and she tells him $10,000.

He pulls over and stops in a secluded area so they can talk without distractions.

She brings him up to date.

He thanks her for the food.

She tells him that Wolfe is at Woody’s and that they will stop on the way in.

She also tells him that Peggy Truett is at the cabin.

Jessup was there the night before and he and Wolfe questioned her for 2 hours.

Lily is upset because they wouldn’t tell her anything afterward. πŸ˜‰ Bit spoiled, maybe?

She asks Archie if Wolfe may be sweet on Peggy and he tells her the apparent interest is a “filter job”. She asks “What’s that?”

“It’s similar to what I asked you to do abut Saturday night, only he steps it up by asking questions. It’s the opposite of filtering coffee. With coffee you’re after what goes right through, but with her he’s after what doesn’t go through, or doesn’t want to. Then you don’t know whether Haight has seen him or not.”

She tells him that he hasn’t.

She also mentions that sitting still, she can detect: “a slight-uh-aroma. Kind of exotic. Will it go?”

He tells her it’s permanent and asks if she got the prints off to Saul. She did.

They head on into town and stop at Woody’s to see Wolfe. Who greets Archie with “Satisfactory.”

Wolfe wants to stay and eat hunkiav beyandi, a kebab served with eggplant stuffed with onions browned in oil, tomatoes, garlic, salt and pepper. Sounds good to me!

Archie wants to go and get clean and eat. There are words. Archie leaves.

Once in the car with Lily and on the way he speaks:

“Some day I will brown him in oil and sprinkle garlic on him. He is expecting phone calls. He suggested that I bathe and eat and go to bed. So either he has got something hot started that he thinks he doesn’t need my help with, or he is cooking up one of his screwy charades that he knows I wouldn’t like.”

And goes on. And on.

They get to the cabin and he takes the key from the car to show himself that he’s not gonna go and get Wolfe if Woody wouldn’t bring him home.

He, clean as a scraped trout, eats turtle soup, two filets mignons, hashed-brown potatoes, bread and butter, milk, spinach with mushrooms and Madeira, honeydew melon, and coffee. Now that’s a meal!

Diana and Wade come in and Archie tells them about jail and then they play pinochle. Wolfe comes home shortly after 11 and goes to his room without coming into the big room.

The game finishes and Diana and Wade go to their rooms and Archie goes to tell Wolfe goodnight. Wolfe wants to talk.

He tells Archie that Peggy is in “protective custody” (being protected from Haight) and that the the last call from Saul had settled things. He had then called Jessup and men would be on the way at 9 am in the morning. Then he tells Archie that he isn’t going to tell him anything more.

Archie has words for Wolfe. Excellent paragraph of some fine words. πŸ˜‰

He subsides and Wolfe asks him if the new rental has a key that is taken inside and placed on the shelf like the other car. Archie suspects him of changing the subject but answers “yes”. Wolfe then tells him to get the key in the morning before breakfast and then bids him a good night.

Archie tells him goodnight after deciding there was no use wasting his breath with comment or question, and retires himself.

On the way to his room he decides the killer has got to be Wade!

And that brings us a LOT closer to the end. 10 more pages or 3 more chapters and 2 more days. This next bit is good. I can hardly wait! πŸ˜‰

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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Death Of A Dude – Chapter 11

At ten minutes past five Sunday afternoon a turnkey inserted a key in the lock of my cell door and turned it, opened the door, and said, “Someone for you.”

Archie wasn’t enthused as he figured it wouldn’t be Wolfe or Lily nor a lawyer. Turns out it was Ed Welch with cuffs there to take him to Jessup’s office.

There is a slight confrontation about the cuffs and leaving Archie with Jessup which Jessup wins. Archie admires Welch’s performance getting the key off the ring:

It was a good performance. Better men than him, including me, have had trouble getting a key off of a ring, and he had done it, smooth and fast, under pressure.

Welch leaves.

Jessup and Archie talk a little about the arrest and then Jessup asks if Archie wants to eat the snack that Lily had packed for him or talk first. Archie wants to talk so he will have more time to eat later.

There are some interesting comments back and forth here. You know the routine by now surely. Read the book… πŸ˜‰

Jessup then hands him a letter from Wolfe:

AG: I have spoken at length with Mr. Jessup and have reserved nothing relevant to the inquiry we are engaged on. Therefore neither will you. We are committed with him irrevocably, and I think he is with us.
August 11, 1968

Archie gives the letter back to Jessup but tells him he wants it back later as a souvenir.

Archie asks about Wolfe’s whereabouts and is told he is under house arrest at Miss Rowan’s cabin.

Jessup then tells him that Sam was killed by a blow from a rock “not much bigger than your fist.”

He also tells Archie that Wolfe is right about them all being on the same team.

They discuss the murders being connected and Archie starts telling him what all has happened since Wolfe got there.

After getting to Sam’s murder he asks for water as his throat’s getting dry. Jessup asks if he wants Scotch or rye. He says water would do but if scotch wanted in it would be welcome.

They drink and talk a bit more and Archie wants to see what’s in the picnic basket. It was quite a spread.

1 can pineapple
1 can purple plums
10 (or more) large paper napkins
8 paper plates
1 jar caviar
1 quart milk
8 slices Mrs. Barnes’s bread
6 bananas
1 plastic container potato salad
4 deviled eggs
2 chicken second joints (?? is this the middle wing joint or what we (in the south) call a drumstick?)
1 slab Wisconsin cheese
1 jar pate de foie gras truffe (not gonna try for the accent marks)(goose liver pate?)
1 huckleberry pie
6 paper cups
2 knives
2 forks
4 spoons
1 opener combo
1 salt shaker

Archie says he hopes Jessup is hungry too and they dig in.

While eating Jessup explains his position, and that Haight will ask for high bail or that Archie be held without bail but says he won’t go for that.

Archie explains that he would like to be out so he could detect. Jessup wants to know what he would do and Archie explains in considerable detail.

Which I am gonna leave for you to read if you haven’t already… πŸ˜‰

Afterwards he asks Jessup for a piece of paper and writes a letter to Wolfe in which he suggests that Lily or someone at the ranch find and bring in Peggy Truett (Sam’s friend) among other things.

He gives it to Jessup to read and when Jessup asks why they don’t just call Wolfe at the cabin and tell him, explains that Haight may have the phones tapped.

Jessup then tells him that he won’t have to go to St. Louis as Saul is going there. He goes on to say that he had driven Wolfe to Woody’s that morning where he had made the call. They had also gone to Farnham’s and Lily had taken everyones picture. These were being developed and Jessup would take the prints back out to Lily’s, along with Archie’s note to Wolfe.

He also admits that he likes Miss Rowan’s conception of a snack. He continues and tells Archie that their (Jessup’s and Lily’s) previous encounter (remember this?) was forgotten by mutual consent. He repeats the confession he made to Lily but you get to read that in the book… πŸ˜‰

Archie asks Jessup to tell Wolfe and Lily that they don’t need to bother about bail since they are doing so well without him and then asks if there is room in the refrigerator for the remains of the snack. Jessup says that there is but there will be people there all day. Archie replies:

“Wait till they’re gone. I probably won’t be hungry sooner anyhow. That disinfected cell doesn’t seem to whet a man’s appetite.” I picked up the can opener. “Plums, or pineapple?”

And so ends chapter 11. Archie’s just not having real good luck in this one. However, it seems that Wolfe has someone in mind with the pictures and with Saul going to St. Louis. Poor Archie gets to sit and twiddle his thumbs in jail while even Lily is being useful taking pictures and charming Jessup. I hope his little “snack” helped ease the hurt… πŸ˜‰

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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Death of a Dude – Chapter 10

Chapter 10 starts with Archie wondering how Lily was going to get home while waiting after Wolfe left to tell the Sheriff to get one of the doctors to come.

He doesn’t have long to wait till Haight comes up and asks him a stupid question:

“Is this your car?”

Archie tells him the registration card is in the dash compartment and asks if a doctor is coming.

Haight proves he’s real sharp by telling Archie to get in the front seat which he refuses to do, being a bit more familiar with crime scenes than the sheriff seems to be.

Haight pulls his gun just as the doctor, Frank Milhaus, M.D., comes up.

The doctor takes a quick look and says he thinks he’s dead but waits till the deputy comes with his bag. He gets his stethoscope out, uses it and then pronounces him dead.

Then Dr. Milhaus makes a remark that seems to indicate that he and the sheriff don’t get along. When Haight tells him they’ll get him out so he can look the body over to ascertain the cause of death, the doctor replies:

“Not me. As you know, I’ve had a run-in that I don’t care to repeat.”

And leaves, as the sheriff makes a remark to his back that Archie doesn’t repeat for us.

At that, Archie is put under arrest. Welch throws the first blow and Archie ducks, but soon takes one and goes down and stays down for 42 minutes till there is a good crowd then gets up. Welch puts cuffs on him and takes him to the patrol car. On the way he sees Lily and the crew from the ranch and she tells him that Wolfe is at the cabin.

Welch gets him to the car, which is driven by Gil Haight and takes him to the police station where Archie explains at length and in depth what “stand mute” means. πŸ˜‰

While waiting for the jailer to show up Archie wonders when he will get bailed out figuring that Monday would be the soonest but would probably be later.

Mort, the jailer comes in and Archie has to empty his pockets. Welch frisks him and then surprises him by giving his money back both paper money and coins. Mort then takes him to cell #5.

And so ends another chapter of our reading of Death of a Dude.

No new leads, Sam dead, and Archie in Jail. Not looking good for Wolfe’s team right now. Maybe things will look a little better in the next chapter.

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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