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Black Orchids – June 1992 Bantam Reissue 4th Printing – For Sale

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Black Orchids – June 1992 Bantam Reissue
Copyright 1941 and 1942 By Rex Stout
A Bantam Book
Bantam Reissue… June 1992
This is a 4th printing.
Creasing to spine and front cover. Some corner and edge bumping. Inside covers browning. Pages tight. Some corners turned. No stamps or markings. Good copy.

Introduction by Lawrence Block
Black Orchids
Cordially Invited To Meet Death

Rear Cover Intro:


Nero Wolfe has left his comfortable brownstone for the promise of a remarkably black orchid at a flower show — but before Wolfe and his perennially hardy sidekick, Archie Goodwin, have a chance to stop and smell the roses, a diabolically daring murder takes place right under their noses and puts a blight on the proceedings. Now Wolfe’s fancy turns to thoughts of weeding out a murderer — one who’s definitely not a garden-variety killer. Only then will Wolfe be ready to throw his weight into a second thorny case, involving a rich society widow bedeviled by poison-pen letters — and a poisonous plot as black as Wolfe’s orchids… with roots that are even more twisted.

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Salute The Toff – By John Creasey

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Salute The Toff – By John Creasey
Award Books # AN1212
Cover Price 95¢
Copyright and first printing 1971 – This appears to be the first paperback printing 1973

Some staining to cover. Some creasing on spine and back cover. Spine leans. Pages browning and some corner creasing but tight. Good reading copy.

Rear Cover:

She was young, beautiful, and she was standing unannounced in the doorway of the Hon. Richard Rollison’s study. Her name was Fay and she’d come to the Toff for help – her employer was missing. She was afraid to go to the police.

He was thirtyish, handsome, and very dead sprawled across the floor of a Grey Street flat. His identification said he was Mr. Draycott, Fay’s missing employer. But a half hour later, Mr. Draycott phoned a business associate.

In a super detective mystery, the Hon. Richard Rollison – also known as the Toff – is faced with the impossible task of searching out a murderer and his victim.

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Green Light For Death – By Frank Kane

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Green Light For Death – By Frank Kane
Dell Books. Good+ 1949. Softcover. Copyright 1949, later printing. Dell 918. Light creasing to cover and spine, interior pages clean & tight, age tanning to pages, darker at the top. Some pages folded over.

Rear Cover Text:

She was a gorgeous, and mysterious, girl from New York, who had taken a low-paying job in a small-town night club.

When they fished her out of the local river, she had nothing on. It didn’t matter, she was past caring.

Johnny Liddell cared, though. The girl was his client and it didn’t make sense. Why would she strip, pile her clothes neatly on the pier, and then take the plunge.

A waste, Liddell thought mournfully. A great waste.

Then he cheered up. Any case that began with a killer and a naked woman was bound to produce more of the same….


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Way Of A Wanton – By Richard S. Prather

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Way Of A Wanton – By Richard S. Prather
Gold Medal k1382
8th Printing January 1964

Covers show age spotting and staining. Cover coming unglued. Pages tight. Pages 71/72 and 115/116 corners turned down. Pages 121-144 have water staining top outside corner almost to spine and 2 inches down outside edge.

Front Cover Text:

“There was a fire in her eyes that was scorching me – me, Shell Scott, the private eye who couldn’t tell whether a dame wanted to kiss me, or kill me!”

Rear Cover Text:

Numbers Game

No matter how you look at it, 36-22-35 are magic numbers. They have a real message for me. I’m Shell Scott, the private eye, and I’m very good at figures. You might say I follow them very carefully. I’ve been following this one figure for several days and learned her name is Sherry. She looks as though she were designed by a sex fiend, and I hated to think she was mixed up in murder. It almost made me crawl back into my Shell. But somebody was planning to send me to my friendly neighborhood mortician and I had to find out who – or die trying.


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Burgler On The Prowl – By Lawrence Block

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Book Description: Harper Large Print Edition, 2004. Soft Cover.

Book Condition: Good, Ex-library copy with standard stamps and markings inside. Covers have been laminated with plastic. Some edge and corner bumping and page edge discoloration.

From the rear cover: Sophisticated yet down-to-earth, philosophical yet practical, Bernie is a gentleman who knows and loves his territory, the gloriously diverse and electric streets of Manhattan. He is minding his own business when he’s asked for a favor — a neat, uncomplicated bit of vengeful larceny that will reap a tidy profit — an offer the intrepid thief can’t refuse. But with a few days to go before the crime, Bernie gets restless. So what does a burglar do to change his mood? Go on the prowl, of course. This bit of prowling lands Bernie in a pile of trouble that includes four murders and the burglary of his own home. Caught in the center of a deadly mystery, Bernie must use his wits and wiles to connect the dots and add up the coincidences. Because if he doesn’t catch a killer, he’ll lose not only his freedom but his life.



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Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine – Jan 1967

For sale at: Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine January 1967

Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine from January 1967. Back cover in bad shape. Some water discoloration on the pages. Pages brown and brittle. Cover coming loose at top of the spine. Front cover has previous owners name written in ink. Some pencil marks on at least one inside page. Some page corners folded over and damaged. Poor condition but still readable.
All books and magazines are shipped encased in plastic bags in protective cardboard enclosures.


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The Complete Nero Wolfe DVD Megaset Set – Back to $99.95 – A&E Store

The Complete Nero Wolfe DVD Megaset Set

8 DVD(s) / 1496+ Minutes
Closed Captioning: Yes
More Details
Was: $99.95 Save $59.97(60%)
On Sale: $39.98 Sale is over. Price is back to $99.95.

The Complete Nero Wolfe DVD Megaset Set
“…. a, witty, beguiling, colorful, pulse-pounding hoot of a weekly series.” — Los Angeles Times

* All 20 episodes plus the bonus feature-length series pilot, The Golden Spiders.
* Includes high-profile guest stars like George Plimpton (When We Were Kings, Little Man Tate), Penelope Anne Miller (Chaplin, Carlito’s Way), Carrie Fisher (Shampoo, Star Wars, When Harry Met Sally) and Griffin Dunne (Quiz Show, Johnny Dangerously).
* Starring Maury Chaykin (The Sweet Hereafter) and Oscar Winner Timothy Hutton (Sunshine State, Ordinary People).

Experience every single episode of NERO WOLFE, one of fiction’s greatest sleuthing partnerships and an original A&E whodunit classic, in this complete 9-DVD collector’s edition.

Don’t know how long this sale will run, but wanted to alert folks about it as soon as I found out. Enjoy!

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Cedar Springs Bazaar Book and Oddity Store Now Open

The one on the web anyway. Still working on the one here in the real world. The latest titles/stuff that I have posted are listed in the sidebar here on The Nero Wolfe site. To see the full selection of products we have for sale please see: Cedar Springs Bazaar at Any and all purchases will help keep this site up and going. If you have questions, you can email me at
Thanks for visiting!

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Prisoner’s Base – 1952 – Book Club Edition – For Sale

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Prisoner's Base - 1952 - Book Club Edition - Dust Jacket Front Cover - For Sale

Prisoner's Base - 1952 - Book Club Edition - Dust Jacket Front Cover - For Sale

Prisoner's Base - 1952 - Book Club Edition - Dust Jacket Rear Cover - For Sale

Prisoner's Base - 1952 - Book Club Edition - Dust Jacket Rear Cover - For Sale

Copyright 1952 By Rex Stout
The Viking Press
Jacket Design By Bill English

Rear Cover Intro:

When Nero Wolfe turned down the easiest ten-thousand-dollar fee ever offered him, he didn’t expect to get involved in a deadly game – a game that reminded Archie of a grim version of prisoner’s base.
Nor did Archie imagine that he would ever be working so closely with the New York Police.

Inside Front Cover:

Prisoner’s Base
A Nero Wolfe Novel
By Rex Stout

Readers who have long followed the adventures of Nero Wolfe will surely agre not only that this is one of the neatest murder puzzles ever set down by Rex Stout, but also that it is the most exciting, adventure-filled, and breathless story he ever told.
Nero Wolfe has represented some pretty unusual clients in his time, but in this one, his client – believe it or not – is the fast-talking, hard-hitting, skirt-chasing assistant and companion to Nero, Archie Goodwin himself.
We’ll make three bets with you abut Prisoner’s Base: First – you won’t solve it. Second – you’ll agree that no author ever played more fair with his readers. Third – when you finish it, you will feel as if you have been on a forty-eight-hour, breath-taking, danger-filled chase up and down the avenues of New York, into some of Manhattan’s darkest and more terror-filled alleys.

Inside Back Cover:

From The New Yorker
Profile of Rex Stout:

“Nero Wolfe, the fat detective of Rex Stout’s novels, towers over his rivals in one respect: he is a superman who talks like a superman. It is a very tough literary trick to make a mastermind sound like a mastermind. Most of the storybook detectives are to much like the new ultra-scientific calculating machines, which have gorgeous electronic brains for solving problems but no particular talent for dialogue. Genius is the curse of the mystery story. It tends to destroy individuality and drag everybody down to the same level. It is harder to tell intellectual giants apart than Hollywood blonds. Nero, however, is an exceptional character creation – a genius who rises above mediocrity.”

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Homicide Trinity – 1962 Book Club Editon – For Sale

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Homicide Trinity - 1962 Book Club Edition - Front Cover - For Sale Homicide Trinity - 1962 Book Club Edition - Back Cover - For Sale

Copyright 1962 By Rex Stout
Published in 1962 by The Viking Press, Inc

Eeny Meeny Murder Mo – appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystry Magazine
Death Of A Demon – appeared in the SATURDAY EVENING POST
Counterfeit For Murder – appeared in the SATURDAY EVENING POST under the title of The Counterfeiter’s Knife

Rear Cover Intro:

Eeny Meeny Murder Mo
It was preposterously inconvenient. The outer door was locked as usual, yet there she lay – on Nero Wolfe’s carpet, in Nero Wolfe’s office, strangled by Nero Wolfe’s own necktie!

Death of a Demon
“Here’s the gun I’m not going to use to kill my husband.” That’s what she said. But he was killed, and with that gun, or with one just like it… and Archie Goodwin had tampered with the gun himself.

Counterfeit for Murder
Under suspicion for murder and too angry to deny it, harried Hattie Annis offered 42 grand to Nero Wolfe to make the cops eat dirt. If she was innocent, you can ask her whether he earned his fee.

Inside Cover:

Homicide Trinity
A Nero Wolfe Threesome
By Rex Stout

On the reverse of this jacket you will find the bill of fare for this three-course feast of murder, mystification, and masterful deduction. As his large and loyal fan club will attest, Rex Stout’s famous threesomes are fully as delightful as his book-length novels, which is to say that they are peerless examples of mayhem de luxe.

Whether you read these stories purely for entertainment and relaxation, or enjoy the challenge of matching wits with Nero Wolfe and his factotum, Archie Goodwin, here once again is the creme de la creme of crime presented for your pleasure.

Jacket Design By Bill English

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