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Picture of Wolfe killing a snake

I received this from someone on the Wolfe List and have no idea who or when. A very bad memory and far too many hard drive failures make for orphaned files. I would like to know who sent it and what it is from. For now here it is:

Picture of Wolfe killing a snake

Picture of Wolfe killing a snake

Click on image for full size.

Update: Still no idea who sent it but this from Tina aka Peephole:

Hi Dave,

Just noticed the “FdL” query on your fine site. I wasn’t the one who sent you the scan, but I’m familiar with it, so I can give you the info:

The scan is from the November 1934 issue of the American Magazine, where the first NW story made its first appearance, under the title “Point of Death,” which became “Fer-de-Lance” when it was published in book form. The artwork was done by Fred Ludekens, who may have also done other NW magazine illustrations — I’m out of town and away from my stuff, so I can’t check.

Cheers, and keep up the good work,

Tina (who recently Unsubscribed from the Wolfe List, where she was Peephole)

Thanks Tina!

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