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Three Aces – 1971 – Book Club Edition

Three Aces - A Nero Wolfe Omnibus - 1971 - Book Club Edition - Front Cover Three Aces - A Nero Wolfe Omnibus - 1971 - Book Club Edition - Rear Cover

The Viking Press
Copyright 1956, 1960, 1961 by Rex Stout


Too Many Clients
Might As Well Be Dead
The Final Deduction

Inside Cover:

Three Aces
Happiness is a Nero Wolfe mystery for so many aficionados of civilized crime stories that the Omnibus has become a valued tradition; there have been five before this, each gathering a few previously published Rex Stouts in one volume. Three Aces is the first to include three complete full-length novels, and will prove a treat as special as a dish from the kitchen of Nero’s unique cook, Fritz.

In Too Many Clients, three different clients clamor for Nero’s help when a big businessman is murdered in his $81,000 love nest. Archie Goodwin must use some of his best talents to sort them out before Nero can even begin the case. Might as Well Be Dead involves, along with much mayhem and imperiled missing persons, a great national scandal. The Final Deduction puts Nero and Archie in the saddle in pursuit of a kidnap for half a million dollars, with murder on the side.

The team is in top form in all three of these, a prize for any fan who missed them before or who wants them on hand in one handsome superStout volume.

Rear Cover:

“Not two characters alone, but a palpable atmosphere exists in that brownstone house on West 35th Street. And what sinewy, pellucid, propelling prose tells those tales – allegories of the human pilgrimage, rather – in which there is little or no blood, but rather the play of the mind. . . . In this sublime duet of Don Quixote and a glamorized Sancho Panza who go tilting together against evil, there is no mystery, nothing but matter for admiration, edification, and (if desired) self-identification. the true mystery is in their inspired creator, Rex Stout.” -Jacques Barzun

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GAMBIT – 1962 First Edition Hardback

Gambit 1st Edition Hard Back Dust Jacket - 1962

Gambit 1st Edition Hard Back Dust Jacket - 1962

Gambit - Hard Back Dust Jacket - 1962 - Inside Text

Gambit - Hard Back Dust Jacket - 1962 - Inside Text

This is a First Edition Hard Back printed in 1962.

OCR Scan of the front flyleaf:

A Nero Wolle Novel
In Rex Stout’s latest full-length mystery, the victim is a mental freak-a man capable of successfully playing a dozen simultaneous chess games against first-rate players while he himself is out of sight of any of the boards. It is while thus engaged that he is killed. A millionaire-his opponent in more realms than chess-is accused, and Nero Wolfe is given what appears to be the most hopeless case he and Archie Goodwin have ever tackled. You need know nothing about chess to follow this tale, but some understanding of beautiful mothers and daughters will help. We believe that Gambit will surely be counted among the two or three finest full. length mysteries produced by Rex Stout and, hence, one of the great works in the whole genre.
THE VIKING PRESS Publishers of The Viking Portable Library 625 Madison Avenue. New York 22. N. Y.

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