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Kirman Rugs

While reading Please Pass The Guilt chapter 5 mentions the 14 x 26 Keraghan rug in the office. While out hunting books a while back I found a book by the name of Oriental Rugs In Colour by Preben Liebetrau and remembering the rugs mentioned in the Corpus I got the book. I just found it and upon looking don’t find Keraghan listed but there are 2 plates depicting Kirman Rugs from Iran.

Kirman Rugs

Kirman Rugs

14. Kirman, Iran
The large town of Kirman in the south of Iran produces handsome and lustrous drawing room carpets in dense and strong qualities and many sizes, right up to 11’6″ X 16’6″ (3,50 X 5,00 m.). The foundation is cotton, the pile fine wool, and the knots Senneh. Pastel shades often appear in the ground of these rugs, for instance, a pale cream, green or blue. The design is very conservative, and old traditions have been continued in their floral patterns, especially in the stylized roses.

Kirman Rugs

Kirman Rugs

15. Kirman, Iran
This is a typical Kirman rug, with a beautifully designed center medallion set off by the plain blue ground. The rug is enclosed in a broken floral border, thus exemplifying the Iranian combination of patterns. Such richly decorated rugs with flowers and flower-sprays scattered over the whole field are very popular in England, and have for many years been produced specially for the English market. Of course, not all the rug-making is done in Kirman itself; rugs are made in the surrounding country as well, but nearly all of them are marketed under the name of Kirman. An exception are rugs from the towns of Yezd and Raver situated north and south of Kinnan. They are usually described as ‘Kirman Yezd’ and ‘Kirman Raver’. It is not unusual to find people or animals in Kirman rugs.


Just got the following from Phil Fischer from the WolfeHounds email list. Thanks Phil!

In “Might As Well Be Dead” the 14 x 26 rug is a feraghan

In “If Death Ever Slept” the 14 x 26 rug is a keraghan, it is misspelled.

In “Bullet For One” there is a kerman rug.

In “If Death Ever Slept” there is a kirman rug.

Kerman rugs come from Kerman province in southeastern Iran (whose capitol is also called Kerman).

Every April and probably again in October the 14 x 26 feraghan is sent out for cleaning and is replaced with two rugs, a kerman and a larger shirvan.

Wolfe also owns an 11 x 15 kashan rug which is installed in the third floor “south room”.

Phil Fischer

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