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daisychainrpg: Let’s do the Time Warp Again

daisychainrpg: Let’s do the Time Warp Again [Active/Open]

Let’s do the Time Warp Again [Active/Open]
Characters: Nero Wolfe, oh god someone help him.
Content: The shocking revelation that this is not 1954
Location: West 35th Street
Time of Day: Late Morning
Warnings: Rated R for Rancor (ok, literally more like PG)

Nero Wolfe stormed out of his Brownstone on West 35th street in a fury. He had just come down the elevator from his plant rooms on the roof to find his entire home had changed. It was not flummery, because the amount and degree of the changes could not have occured in the time frame alotted or without his knowledge. The only logical answer was that this was either a nightmare or an intense hallucination, except that he had never suffered the latter, and his nightmares were always of similar subject, not this one. There seemed to be no Archie or Fritz here to break him out of this delusion. If it was a delusion, Archie would make himself intolerable about it, nevermind that he was going to miss Fritz’s lunch if this went on for too long.

He glared as he looked up and down the street. Already it was wrong. Some of the other buildings were the same and others had changed. The cars on the street were strange. And most disturbing of all, the people, the loud obnoxious always bustling residents of New York, seemed to have disappeared. In their place was rubble and debris. Wolfe felt himself becoming angrier and his rage was clouding any capacity for logical thought about the situation.

“Confound it!” He bellowed, “What is this nonsense?! I won’t have it!”

A rather interesting ongoing Wolfe story being written by a couple of people on LiveJournal. The above is the into. Different to say the least… 😉

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