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Update on Site Update

Kind of a redundant title I know but is as descriptive a one as I can think right now, after spending the last two days working on and slogging through this mess.

As of now I’ve managed to get over 200 of the posts tagged and those with cover scans formatted in the workaround custom database fields moved to the new WordPress standard method of handling graphics. Got around 60 left to get through and I hope to get that done today (April 15, 2008). Then I can change themes, remove some clutter from the database structure, see which of my collection of Stout paperback and hardback books I have in here already, and which ones I need to add in.

In updating some of the cover/book posts yesterday I did a Google search on Johan Blixt and found his new site and email address. Sent him an email requesting a copy of his cover scan of The Red Bull as the copy I had was quite degraded. He sent it right over and it’s now up at The Red Bull. He has a nice page devoted to Rex Stout’s books at and has quite a few other interesting pages for mystery readers on his site at
Thanks Johan!

Guess I have procrastinated long enough and need to get back to the updating.
More as I get to it…
Dave AKA Albert Freyer

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