Wolfe Humor

Wolfe Detective Agency Commercial – By Walt Doherty

NW: NW – Telephone exchanges – Call Us, Don’t Be Afraid, You Can Call Us . . . .

Need Help?
Got questions you need answered?
Have an unsolved murder on your hands?

Don’t despair! Just call 1-800-Nero Wolfe

(Ask for Archie!)

[Music swells up, and we hear in the background:]

If you’re feelin’ sad and lonely
There’s a service you can render
Tell the truth to just us only
We can solve your case and end ‘er.


Call us, don’t be afraid, you can call us
Maybe it’s late but just call us
Tell us and we’ll investigate.

When it seems your friends desert you
There’s somebody on your floor dead,you
are the only who never hurt him
Now it’s charged that it’s you that killed ‘im.


Now don’t forget us ’cause if you let us
We will always help you out
You’ve got to trust us, that’s how it must be
All you do is pay a “small” fee.


If you call we’ll be right with you
Saul, Orrie, Fred or Archie will protect you,
Take our word that we will rescue
Just write that check and Wolfe will save you.

Remember the number is Beachwood 4 – 5 . . . .
oops, wait a minute:

Just call 1-800-Nero Wolfe

That’s 1-800 — 6376 96533
(Remember, Ask for Archie!)

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