Wolfe Carol – To the Tune of “Caroling, Caroling” By Brian Mitchell

Moving his finger in circles so
Nero Wolfe is thinking
Out with his lips and then back in slow
Nero Wolfe is thinking
Murderers should leave the room
Nero Wolfe has sealed their doom
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Front doorbells are ringing

Pushing the buzzer to ring for Fritz
Nero Wolfe is drinking
Waiting for just the right bead, he sits
Nero Wolfe is drinking
Marking well the caps he saves
Remmers tops the list of faves
Bizz Buzz Bizz Buzz
Nero Wolfe is drinking

Speaking of anything but the case
Nero Wolfe is dining
Cramming a buffet inside his face
Nero Wolfe is dining
Weighing fractions of a ton
Chewing’s his idea of fun
Chomp Chomp Chomp Chomp
Nero Wolfe is dining


2 thoughts on “Wolfe Carol – To the Tune of “Caroling, Caroling” By Brian Mitchell

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