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Books on Rex Stout and the Corpus

A few days ago I asked for input as follows:

What reference books or materials do you, the Wolfe list members, have and/or have read and can recommend as being worth the purchase, concerning Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe?

So far I have gotten the following wonderful information:

From Jonathan Levine

At Wolfe’s Door by Ken Van Dover
The Brownstone House of Nero Wolfe by Ken Darby
Stout Fellow by O.E. McBride
Nero Wolfe of West 35th St. by William S.Baring-Gould
Rex Stout by David Anderson
John McAleer’s biography of Mr. Stout

Jerome Berin

From Linda Ciani we have:

The Nero Wolfe Companion books by the Rev. Frederick G. Gotwald are very interesting. The problem — they are very difficult to find!

To which Jonathan replies:

That they are. But they are not reference books about NW, they are books that explain references to things in the books. They also have many mistakes.


And last but certainly not least from Phil Fischer comes this exhaustive list:

Here is an update of Bettina Silber’s “Collecting Nero Wolfe ‘Companion’ Books Oct 20, 2002.

“An Informal Interview With Rex Stout” Michael Bourne, James A. Rock & Co., 1998 (audio cassette).

“An Interview With Rex Stout” In “P. S. Magazine” August, 1966.

“Archie Goodwin’s New York City Walkabout”, by Rev Frederick G. Gotwald, Salisbury, NC, 1999.

“At Wolfe’s Door: The Nero Wolfe Novels of Rex Stout” by J. Kenneth Van Dover James A. Rock & Company, Rockville Maryland, 1991/2003

“Brownstone House of Nero Wolfe, The: As Told By Archie Goodwin” by Ken Darby. Little, Brown and Company, 1983

“Corsage, a Bouquet of Rex Stout and Nero Wolfe. Michael Bourne editor, James A Rock & Co. publisher, 1977.

“Detectionary” by Mill Roseman, Otto Penzler, Chris Steinbrunner, Marvin Lachman The Overlook Press, Woodstock, New York, 1977.

“Fer-De-Lance A Nero Wolfe Mystery” by Rex Stout, Farrar & Rinehart, Inc, New York, 1934 Facsimile Edition 1996. Basis for the text and dust jacket is a copy owned by Otto Penzler

“Great Detectives: Seven Original Investigations” by Julian Symons Harry N. Abrams, 1981

“Murder Ink: The Mystery Reader’s Companion”, Perpetrated by Dilys Winn. Workman Publishing Co. Inc. New York, 1977

“Mystery Readers Walking Guide: New York” by Alzina Stone DalePassport Books, NTC Publishing Group, Lincolnwood, Illinois. 1993.

“Nero Wolfe Companion” by Rev. Frederick G. Gotwald ( 10 volumes )

“Nero Wolfe Handbook” by Rev. Frederick G. Gotwald

“Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-fifth Street: The Life and Times of America’s Largest Private Detective” by William S. Baring-Gould. Viking Press, 1969.

“Nero Wolfe Saga”, by Guy Townsend, in “The Mystery Fancier” magazines May 1977 / June 1980

“Private Lives Of Private Eyes: Spies, Crime Fighters, and Other Good Guys” by Otto Penzler. Grosset & Dunlap, New York, 1977.

“Queen’s Counsel”, Conversations with Ruth Stout on her brother Rex Stout, 1987 by John McAleer.

“Rex Stout” by David R. Anderson , F. Ungar, New York, 1984

“Rex Stout, An Annotated Primary and Secondary Bibliography” by Townsend, McAleer, Sapp & Schemer, Garland Publishing.

“Rex Stout – a Biography” by John McAleer. Little, Brown and Company, 1977.

“Rex Stout, Name-dropper”, by Rev Frederick G. Gotwald, Salisbury, NC, self-published.

“Royal Decree: Conversations with Rex Stout”, by John McAleer, Pontes Press, Aston, MD 1983

“Stout: A Majesty’s Life”, John McAleer, Millennial Edition J.A. Rock, Rockville, Maryland

“Stout Fellow: A Guide Through Nero Wolfe’s World”, by O.E. McBride iUniverse, Inc., 2003

“Alias Nero Wolfe” in “The Easy Chair” column by Bernard DeVoto, Harper’s Magazine, July 1954

“Some Notes Relating To A Preliminary Investigation Into The Paternity Of Nero Wolfe” John D. Clark, The Baker Street Journal, Vol. VI, No.l, New Series, Jan 1956

“The Nero Wolfe Files” Selection from the Wolfe-Pack Gazette edited by Marvin Kaye. Wildside Press 2005.

Bettina Silber

Phil Fischer

J. Parker

Aug 2005

So it looks like I have a lot of hunting as well as reading to do.

Thank folks, this is some really great information!

Additions, Corrections, Comments requested.

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Kirman Rugs

While reading Please Pass The Guilt chapter 5 mentions the 14 x 26 Keraghan rug in the office. While out hunting books a while back I found a book by the name of Oriental Rugs In Colour by Preben Liebetrau and remembering the rugs mentioned in the Corpus I got the book. I just found it and upon looking don’t find Keraghan listed but there are 2 plates depicting Kirman Rugs from Iran.

Kirman Rugs

Kirman Rugs

14. Kirman, Iran
The large town of Kirman in the south of Iran produces handsome and lustrous drawing room carpets in dense and strong qualities and many sizes, right up to 11’6″ X 16’6″ (3,50 X 5,00 m.). The foundation is cotton, the pile fine wool, and the knots Senneh. Pastel shades often appear in the ground of these rugs, for instance, a pale cream, green or blue. The design is very conservative, and old traditions have been continued in their floral patterns, especially in the stylized roses.

Kirman Rugs

Kirman Rugs

15. Kirman, Iran
This is a typical Kirman rug, with a beautifully designed center medallion set off by the plain blue ground. The rug is enclosed in a broken floral border, thus exemplifying the Iranian combination of patterns. Such richly decorated rugs with flowers and flower-sprays scattered over the whole field are very popular in England, and have for many years been produced specially for the English market. Of course, not all the rug-making is done in Kirman itself; rugs are made in the surrounding country as well, but nearly all of them are marketed under the name of Kirman. An exception are rugs from the towns of Yezd and Raver situated north and south of Kinnan. They are usually described as ‘Kirman Yezd’ and ‘Kirman Raver’. It is not unusual to find people or animals in Kirman rugs.


Just got the following from Phil Fischer from the WolfeHounds email list. Thanks Phil!

In “Might As Well Be Dead” the 14 x 26 rug is a feraghan

In “If Death Ever Slept” the 14 x 26 rug is a keraghan, it is misspelled.

In “Bullet For One” there is a kerman rug.

In “If Death Ever Slept” there is a kirman rug.

Kerman rugs come from Kerman province in southeastern Iran (whose capitol is also called Kerman).

Every April and probably again in October the 14 x 26 feraghan is sent out for cleaning and is replaced with two rugs, a kerman and a larger shirvan.

Wolfe also owns an 11 x 15 kashan rug which is installed in the third floor “south room”.

Phil Fischer

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New Parody – Ode to Ole Nero

Just added a new page at https://neroandarchie.wordpress.com/wolfean-parodies/ode-to-ole-nero-to-the-tune-of-ode-to-billie-joe-by-lord-clivers/ for Ode to Ole Nero (to the tune of Ode to Billie Joe) by Lord Clivers

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Wolfe List Subscription Information

Below you will find the July 26, 2005 version of The Nero Wolfe Mailing List subscription information:

Please note – This site has no official standing with The Nero Wolfe Mailing List or any other group. Any information found here is provided by me for me to have a place to keep all my “stuff” so I can find it. 😉

Albert Freyer; Counselor at Law aka David (Dave) E. Patty

May Hawthorne reminded me, in the comments, that “Archie” AKA Terry Hagley, the founder of the Wolfe List, passed away in September of 2002 and that his email address and website address are inactive. I suspect that all of the email addresses other than the xxx.mirror.org addresses are likely to be incorrect. I am leaving the document as is and putting this warning here.

Welcome to WOLFEHOUNDS: The Nero Wolfe Mailing List! This is a
mailing list for the discussion of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mystery series and
related topics. This information is posted monthly, in response to requests
for the rules or guidelines for the list, and is also available at any time
be sending an “info” command to:


1. To post to the list, all you need to do is send your post to:


and it will automatically be distributed to the folks on the list.

If you have any administrative details that you need to have dealt
with (address changes, subscribes, unsubscribes), send one of the following
commands to the automated subscription processor at:


Subscribe yourself (or
if specified) to wolfe-list.
You will be sent a message with a password. You must send a
confirmation reply message to complete your subscription.


Unsubscribe yourself (or
if specified) from wolfe-list.

Find out who is on the wolfe-list.

Retrieve the general introductory information for wolfe-list.

Retrieve the introductory message sent to new subscribers.
Non-subscribers may not be able to retrieve this.

Retrieve help about these and other commands.

Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

Commands should be sent in the body of your e-mail message.
Multiple commands can be processed provided each occurs on a separate line.
Commands in the “Subject:” line of your message will NOT be processed.

If you have any questions or problems using the list which need personal
assistance, please contact wolfe-list-admin@mirror.org

2. This List was founded in January 1996 by Terry Hagley
(hagley@eurekanet.com), by posting an announcement on a Sherlock Holmes
mailing list and rec.arts.mystery, which resulted in about a dozen
subscribers. The List was run off Terry’s home PC, until the growth of
subscribers neccessitated bringing automation to the List. The list went to
an automated bounce system in April 1996, thanks to John Santore
(jsbh+@andrew.cmu.edu), and had grown by February 1997 to 146 subscribers.
The List is now operated off mirror.org, courtesy of London Application
Solutions Inc and Ken Roberts (ken@mirror.org).

3. The subscribers to WOLFEHOUNDS are a chatty group, so expect at least
ten email messages daily. If this volume is beyond what you desire, you may
not wish to subscribe. Discussions are fairly freewheeling, and are

4. Soon after subscribing to this list, you will receive a
registration form asking for your name, email address, and mailing address.
While it is not obligatory to provide this information, it will enable us to
get in touch with you if anything goes awry electronically at either end, and
we need to reestablish the list or your subscription to it. You are also
encouraged to select a nom de canon from the Nero Wolfe tales for your
use on the list, and the registration form will include those which have
already been chosen by others to help guide your selection. The list is
kept by Jon Lellenberg (jlellenb@capaccess.org), who around the end of
each month posts an updated list of names, locations (cities and states
only), and noms de canon. By agreement of the charter members of the List,
the nom Nero Wolfe is not available.

5. Generally, we discuss the books in order, devoting two weeks
to each novel, and one week to each novelette. However, as noted below,
all posts are welcome, even if not related to the book under discussion at
the time.

6. All comments, discussion, or banter relating to Nero Wolfe are
welcome. Flippant or trivial posts are as welcome as scholarly posts.

7. Want list, buy/sell lists, and the like that are related to
Wolfe/Stout material is permitted.

8. Special projects: Several members of the list are also
engaged in certain projects that may be of interest to other list members:

-Al Diamond’s (TKHH10A@prodigy.com) outstanding piece of Nerovian
scholarship, The Nero Wolfe Bibliography, is posted to all members of the
list around the 15th of each month. The most recent copy is always posted,
as Al continually updates this fine project.

-Archie aka Terry Hagley (hagley@eurekanet.com), is always
fooling around with designing mementos for List members. Suggestions for
future items are welcome.

-Inspector Cramer (Dorothy Moran, dotbooks@intnet.net) has
compiled a Nero Wolfe cookbook, completed in February 1998, of over 1000
pages. Send inquiries directly to Dorothy.

9. In addition, my web page also carries this Monthly Update and the
reading schedule for the next several months. You can find it at

Thanks for joining the list. Any suggestions for improvements in the
list should be directed to the address below, or to any of the addresses
listed for Jon, Al, and Ken.

Terry Hagley

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Death of a Dude – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 starts off with Archie going to look at the scene of the crime.

“The road from Lame Horse to the turnoff to the Bar JR Ranch and Lily’s cabin doesn’t stop there. It keeps going for three more miles and stops for good at the Fishtail River, and there, on the right, is Bill Farnham’s dude ranch.”

So as the road winds it’s 3 miles from Lily’s to Bill Farnham’s.

He has a brief interlude with Mrs. Amory, of one of the people staying at Farnham’s, in which she tells him she is too lazy to pull her skirt down and he offers to do it for her only to be told not to bother. So he leaves a message with her for Bill that he is leaving his car there and climbing up to the scene of the crime.

He leaves and reminisces about poaching young Blue Grouse with Lily as he climbs up to Blue Grouse Ridge, the scene of the crime. He also points out that he could have gotten there from the ranch or cabin but that it was 2 times further and rough going part of the way.

He says the ridge is about a mile from Farnham’s and so it must be about 2 miles from the ranch. He does point out that the trip took 3 hours but as I read it that is driving time too.

On getting there he finds some blood and then notes the other signs where people came in to haul the body out.

I’m gonna let Archie speak this next bit. Just too good to paraphrase. 😉

“It would have been a cinch for even a New York character like me to get within forty yards of the target, let alone a man who knew how to stalk deer and elk. But forty yards is too far to count on a hand gun, so it had been a rifle, and in the middle of a Montana summer nobody goes out with a rifle for anything with four legs, except maybe a coyote, and you don’t climb Blue Grouse Ridge for a coyote.”

After throwing a rock at a chipmunk and missing (on purpose? as he says that at the cabin some of his his best friends were chipmunks) he heads back to the ranch.

Having gotten hot and sweaty he changes into “a PSI shirt and brown woolen slacks.”

I get the slacks part but – What is a “PSI” shirt? Google comes up with “Alpha Kappa Psi” shirt but Archie didn’t go to college so I don’t think that’s the answer. Anyone?

We get to see that there is a connecting door (!) between Archie’s and Lily’s rooms. I don’t remember any other book in the corpus that this level of intimacy is acknowledged. Anyone?

Archie tells Lily about Carol swearing on the saddle and they agree that she was telling the truth. There is a lot more here, but you’re gonna have to read the book for the details, as well as a lot I am leaving out…

They eat supper and we get a glimpse into Diana’s empty head (?) as she flirts and poises while eating. More banter with Wade and her and he heads into town for the evening.

At this point he tells us that he spun his wheels for the next 4 days and goes on to describe part of one of the wasted days which he says may as well be that Saturday evening.

This is where Archie visits the WOODROW STEPANIAN HALL OF CULTURE (caps his) and Vawter’s which he describes as a high-ceilinged room a hundred feet long and nearly as wide and goes on to describe the contents which he says would take several pages to inventory.

Talks to several folks and gets nothing. Goes over to the Hall of Culture and watches the dancers for a while and calls it an evening. For a description of the Hall and the evening, read the book.. 😉

He adds another interlude into this chapter about a visit on Tuesday morning from Luther Dawson (defense council) and Thomas R. Jessup (county attorney) who arrived in the same car. After getting Lily’s dander up asking questions that are out of line, they leave and Archie explains to Lily that he had mailed a letter to Wolfe that he would have gotten the previous day (Monday) so that it was most likely Wolfe that had stirred up the attorney(s).

There is a LOT more going on here. The above paragraph covers nearly 6 pages of good reading. Remember folks, I’m just hitting the high points, so read the book!

The chapter ends on Wednesday evening around 8 o’clock with a taxi coming up the drive. The driver sticks his head out the window and asks if this is Lily Rowan’s place. Archie tells it best:

I opened the door and stepped out and said yes, and the rear door of the taxi opened and a man climbed out, backwards. His big broad behind was Nero Wolfe’s, and when he straightened up and turned around, so was his big broad front. Lily, at my elbow, said, “the mountain comes to Mohammed,” and we crossed the terrace to meet him.

And so ends chapter 3. At 18 pages it is twice as long as either the first or second chapter. A lot gets covered but there is still a lot to go over. And Wolfe just came into the picture.

This book has 25 chapters although the last isn’t even a page long. We have another 18 days to cover 22 chapters, so some days you get one and some days two.

Comments, corrections, criticism requested.

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The Reform Club: Mystery Corner: Nero Wolfe

The Reform Club: Mystery Corner: Nero Wolfe

Interesting discussion on The Black Mountain. Had to add my 2 cents…

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Books In Which Wolfe Leaves/Doesn’t Leave Brownstone

This great list is by our own Inspector Cramer AKA Dot Moran. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Dot can be reach via email at: dotbooks@intnet.net.

I have completed rereading and listing the times that NW leaves the
brownstone, and doesn’t. My lists cover 74 novels/short stories numbered as per Dan Augustine’s (thanks Dan) August 1998 revised chronology.

Here are the results:

Nero Wolfe leaves the brownstone: 35 times
Nero Wolfe does NOT leave the Brownstone: 39 times
For a total of 74 stories/books

Surprised?? I was.

Inspector Cramer
aka Dot Moran

Stories where Nero Wolfe leaves the brownstone

# (position of story in chronology) – Title (of story)

Reason for leaving and/or where he went

2 – League of Frightened Men

Kidnapped, sort of, by a certain taxi driver

4 – The Red Box

To investigate murder at Boyden McNair, Inc

5 – Too Many Cooks

To address chefs on American Cuisine in WV

6 – Some Buried Caesar

To attend show upstate to display orchids

8 – Where There’s a Will

To the Hawthorne residence on 67th St in a taxi

10 – Black Orchids

To view the much coveted black orchids

12 – Not Quite Dead Enough

To exercise with Fritz- and- 10th precinct to get AG

13 – Booby Trap

To meet with Col Ryder of MilitaryIntelligence

16 – The Silent Speaker

To Centre St police headquarters to report to Ash

23 – Door to Death

To hire Andy Krasicki to replace Theodore temp.

24 – The Second Confession

To the Sperling household upstate

25 – Cop Killer

To his barber shop, get a haircut, close the case

28 – In the Best Families

To GET Zeck

29 – Squirt & The Monkey

Well, technically, down the stoop to talk to Cramer

30 – Murder By The Book

To have dinner with Marko at Rusterman’s

32 – This Won’t Kill You

To a baseball game with Pierre Mondor & Archie

33 – Prisoner’s Base

Once again to the 10th precinct to get Archie

34 – Invitation to Murder

To the Lewent house 2 miles from the Brownstone

39 – The Black Mountain

To hunt down Marko’s murderer in Montenegro

40 – The Next Witness

To testify in court (he didn’t)

41 – Immune to Murder

To prepare & serve his famous brook trout dish

42 – Before Midnight

To LBA to search for cyanide with the ‘teers

44 – Too Many Detectives

To testify in Albany re wire-tapping

46 – The Christmas Party

To play Santa and spy on Archie

49 – 4th of July Picnic

To make a speech at picnic for URWA for Felix

53 – Poison a la Carte

Attended the “10 for Aristology” doomed dinner

54 – Method Three for Murder

Tough one:Technically, yes, to the threshold/stoop

58 – Plot it Yourself

To meet with the NAAD committee et al

59 – The Rodeo Murder

To dine on blue grouse at Lily’s apartment

63 – The Final Deduction

With AG to Doc Vollmer’s to stall being questioned

66 – The Mother Hunt

To escape Cramer before NW could name the killer

69 – The Doorbell Rang

To Hewitt on LI to ‘cook’ up a scheme

71 – The Father Hunt

Not business: to view & ‘talk’ orchids with Hewitt

72 – Death of a Dude

To Montana to help Archie solve a murder

74 – A Family Affair

From Rusterman’s to see Pierre Duco’s father

Stories where Nero Wolfe does NOT leave the brownstone

1 – Fer-de-Lance
3 – The Rubber Band
7 – Over My Dead Body
9 – Bitter End
11 – Cordially Invited to Meet Death
14 – Help Wanted, Male
15 – Instead of Evidence
17 – Before I Die
18 – Too Many Women
19 – Man Alive
20 – Bullet for One
21 – And Be a Villian
22 – Omit Flowers
26 – The Gun With Wings
27 – Disguise for Murder
31 – Home to Roost
35 – The Zero Clue
36 – The Golden Spiders
37 – When a Man Murders
38 – Die Like a Dog
43 – A Window for Death
45 – Might As Well Be Dead
47 – Easter Parade
48 – If Death Ever Slept
50 – Frame-up For Murder
51 – Murder is No Joke
52 – Champagne for One
55 – Eeny Meeny Murder Mo
56 – Assault on a Brownstone
57 – Counterfeit for Murder
60 – Death of a Demon
61 – Too Many Clients
62 – Kill Now — Pay Later
64 – Murder is Corny
65 – Gambit
67 – Blood Will Tell
68 – A Right to Die
70 – Death of a Doxy
73 – Please Pass the Guilt
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Still working on it…

Was putting some other stuff on here but ran into a database problem so am going to regroup and see what else I can do.

The nerowolfe.freeservers.com site has now has over 130,000 hits since December 8, 1999. Or thats what the counter shows. Didn’t realize it was that popular.

Hope this site will work out a bit better. It’s a whole lot easier for me to update. Now to get the rest of the Stout books scanned and into posts. I am running into a fair number of Wolfe that I am going to sell. Just got to get the paypal shopping cart links installed.

Tis late and I am about done in. Goodnight Nero. Goodnight Archie.

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This is a test

And only a test. Having some weird problem with the database.

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